• “Garam” is an infuriatingly botched up film that tries hard to be an entertainer. And the saddest part of it is that it seems forgetful of the stratagems and implausibility’s that lie the strewn all around.

  • The evil characters are so cartoonish that you can see their next movements from miles away. The “Good” character is so bland and pathetic that you never have a real connection with her. The landscape around the house was not spooky at all. Trisha is drool worthy. But that alone is not enough. Sundar.C fails to recreate the magic once again.

  • Nannaku Prematho offer a few promising moments, but remains quickly forgettable.

  • As you walk out of the theatre having watched “Dictator”, you feel sorry for the film and film maker, since this was one that probably had tremendous potential, but which failed to evolve into an exciting film on screen. Everything feels damn boring, predictable, dragged barring the acting and for once, even with zero expectations a film seemed lameo.

  • Nenu Shailaja appears gallingly disjointed on occasions, but remarkably comical at others. It’s a very mixed bag of emotions at play here that will have you hooked most of the time (in the first half), thanks to the fine cast and director duo at its helm. But it breaks no fresh ground in the themes that it undertakes and the middle-brow manner that it adopts midway through makes it a spotty piece of work. On the whole, Nenu Shailaja could very well go down as a potentially well intentioned movie that ends being a melodramatic glop.

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