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Nenu Sailaja

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Nenu Sailaja is a movie about Hari, a young man who wants to fall in love and enjoy life. Unfortunately, all the girls keep rejecting him and he decides not to fall in love again. But destiny has other plans and introduces him to the lovely Shailaja.Wikipedia

Nenu Sailaja Reviews

The hero has to iron out frictions in the heroine’s family to win her over.

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Great Andhra


Overall, the pleasant presentation by director Kishore Tirumala with good dialogues, catchy tunes by Devi Sri Prasad and beautiful presence of Keerthi Suresh, Nenu Sailaja works. 

Nenu Sailaja will strike a chord with the youth and the emotions in the second half will appeal to the family audience. This film will be appreciated by the target audience. Masses may find it little boring and sluggish that may hamper its chances in B and C centers. For its genuinely enjoyable scenes and touching emotions, Nenu Sailaja is worth a watch.


The year 2016 gets a good start for Tollywood in the form of “Nenu Sailaja”. The film is simple with a blend of love and family emotions. Its a feel good film, which impresses both the youth as well as the family audience.


...a simple yet beautiful love story with the right mix of family emotions. Superb first half, Ram’s balanced performance and a clean narration are huge assets for the film. If you ignore the routine nature of the script during the second half, you can happily watch this feel good film with your entire family and start the new year on a positive note.


Kishore Tirumala delivered what was expected of him. He broke the flop streak for Hero Ram. Tollywood gets a wonderful beginning with the movie. This is like Toli Prema for the new generation and we recommend this clean entertainer for all class audiences.

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Ap Herald


Nenu Shailaja appears gallingly disjointed on occasions, but remarkably comical at others. It’s a very mixed bag of emotions at play here that will have you hooked most of the time (in the first half), thanks to the fine cast and director duo at its helm. But it breaks no fresh ground in the themes that it undertakes and the middle-brow manner that it adopts midway through makes it a spotty piece of work. On the whole, Nenu Shailaja could very well go down as a potentially well intentioned movie that ends being a melodramatic glop.


Nenu Sailaja is a clean family entertainer & a big break to Ram!

Nenu Sailaja is a simple romantic tale which told in beautiful way with some good writing by the director Kishore. Go watch.

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