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Aranmanai 2

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Aranmanai 2 is a story about a family living in a sprawling mansion who face a series of paranormal activities.Wikipedia

Aranmanai 2 Reviews

M Suganth
Times Of India


Despite toeing so closely to the original's formula and being equally unpretentious, Aranmanai-2 feels underwhelming. The comedy is less funny (Soori takes over from Santhanam here) and the horror scenes not even remotely scary (though, the visual effects continue to be tacky). The cast and the director seem to be coasting along with a 'people will see this movie no matter what' attitude, and it is this blatant acknowledgment of the film being just a cash grab that is most disappointing.


Sundar's Aranmanai has set the bar and many elements in this film remind you of its predecessor.

Raisa Nasreen


If you are a fan of the first movie and have been waiting for the sequel, Aranmanai 2 will not disappoint. Filled with thrill and fun; this horror-comedy is the perfect watch for the weekend. Fans of Hansika, Trisha and Siddharth should lap this one up.

India Glitz


Aranamanai2 is’nt a genius of a story, it dwells mainly on some slapstick humor, the performances of Hansika, Trisha, Kovai Sarala and Soori, and some real good camera & Art work behind the scenes.

Aranmanai 2 will not disappoint the masses who are continuously supporting entertaining horror movies in Kollywood.

Aranmanai 2 may work largely because of its second half and comical portions, but isn't it high time our directors avoid lacklustre movies in the name of horror-comedy?

Reviewer Profile
AP Herald


The evil characters are so cartoonish that you can see their next movements from miles away. The "Good" character is so bland and pathetic that you never have a real connection with her. The landscape around the house was not spooky at all. Trisha is drool worthy. But that alone is not enough. Sundar.C fails to recreate the magic once again.

Aranmanai 2 has nothing different to offer than its antecessor, except for Siddharth, Trisha and the magnitude.Verdict: Aranmanai again all over, with minor modifications, but no lesser in terms of entertainment

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