• If your idea of good action is shoving a sharp knife into someone’s mouth, down his throat cutting his intestines. If your idea of good humour is a Sonakshi Sinha desperate to see a naked Ajay Devgn. And your idea of good music is songs like Keeda, Chichora Piya and Surya ast Punjabi mast, then, one, I am FURIOUSLY judging you. Two, I AM STILL JUDGING YOU!!

  • Ungli deals with corruption in a very simplistic, superficial way. It never reaches out to the root of the problem, is quick to judge the poor Pandu hawaldaar or the auto drivers on the road and is quicker to punish them. It would be better if they dealt with what caused corruption than ways to deal with it. It even ends abruptly with no concrete message.
    Ungli is not as bad as O Teri or Fugly, but not even close to the best corruption movie of all times — Rang De Basanti. If RDB led to an awakening, Ungli does just the opposite. It put me to sleep.

  • …if you don’t have a problem with a misogynist point of view, can deal with regressive writing, the film might work for you.
    Besides the film has a decent first half, some smart lines and Above All, a dancing Govinda.

  • After the three-hour torture, I have a better name for the film, KILL ME!!!!!!

  • So if you don’t mind three aged men with high libido and low underwear blatantly hitting on a girl who is oblivious to good touch bad touch (Lagta hain madam ne Satyamev Jayate nahi dekha!), then The Shaukeens might work for you.
    Watch it only if you are a die-hard Akshay Kumar fan.

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