• …what keeps you invested in the film are the principal players. Their chemistry and camaraderie is worth soaking in. Director Amit Roy has also done a standout job for showcasing the middle-class milieu of Punjab and Bihar. The narrow lanes that dot the small towns are shown with warts and all.

    But it’s disappointing that the story couldn’t sustain the momentum and the promise that it showed initially.

  • Akshay Kumar’s satirical courtroom drama, Jolly LLB2, has its heart in the right place but it is as long-winded as the trials in Indian courts.

  • It’s all a bit cheesy, but there’s some pleasure to be had from Chan’s comic antics and adventures. The scenes in which the blustering professor tries to woo and impress Ashmita is pure comic gold and his martial arts sparring with treasure hunter Jones, played by Aarif Lee Rahman, is thoroughly entertaining. The young Rahman provides a good foil to Chan’s act.

  • What redeems this drama is swift revenge ideas and Roshan’s brawn and some brains. There’s a lot of gore to be enjoyed in the second half.
    Watch this if you are a fan of Roshan and you are in the mood for a love story laced with some stylised, bloody action.

  • Give this film a shot. While it doesn’t make you pop the bubbly, it does have some fizz and sparkle to keep you satiated.

  • One can imagine the pitch meeting: It’s American Idol, but animated, and everyone’s an animal.
    And actually, that pitch meeting would be pretty much on the money. Sing doesn’t miss, at all.

  • Starring Aamir Khan, the film strikes gold primarily because the heavy lifting is evenly distributed among all the actors in this film

  • Watch this film if you are fan of syrupy romances or Ranveer Singh’s groupie. Otherwise, jump into this at your own risk.

  • Director Sujoy Ghosh spins a gripping tale, with top notch performances by Vidya Balan and Arjun Rampal…

  • If you are looking for a heartwarming, sensitive film about troubled twenty-somethings, then make a date with Dear Zindagi. You won’t live to regret it.

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