• Bite this bullet only if you are fanatical about Khan and he can do no wrong in your eyes. For those who don’t wear those starry blinkers, sit this one out.

  • It’s a delightful ringside view of athletes trying to make it in sports that are considered insignificant in India. Plus, how many times can you boast of watching a Hindi film that has flawed, but ferocious leads?

  • Despite Irrfan Khan’s charm, this romantic comedy about the travails of 21st century relationships tries a bit too hard

  • After two and half hours of pulverising action, there’s nothing to do but raise the white flag, admit defeat, and shudder as you pass the theatre for the latest “Cars” movie. No more, please.

  • Predictably, and disappointingly, Wonder Woman loses steam in its final act: so busy is it in setting up a massive showdown with multiple leading characters that it eschews the movie’s central themes and its grand questions about war and morality. At a running time of 140 minutes, Wonder Woman could have done with some tighter editing.

  • Emma Watson and Dan Stevens head a decidedly diverse cast in the Disney’s best live-action remake to date…

  • It’s all a bit cheesy, but there’s some pleasure to be had from Chan’s comic antics and adventures. The scenes in which the blustering professor tries to woo and impress Ashmita is pure comic gold and his martial arts sparring with treasure hunter Jones, played by Aarif Lee Rahman, is thoroughly entertaining. The young Rahman provides a good foil to Chan’s act.

  • What redeems this drama is swift revenge ideas and Roshan’s brawn and some brains. There’s a lot of gore to be enjoyed in the second half.
    Watch this if you are a fan of Roshan and you are in the mood for a love story laced with some stylised, bloody action.

  • One can imagine the pitch meeting: It’s American Idol, but animated, and everyone’s an animal.
    And actually, that pitch meeting would be pretty much on the money. Sing doesn’t miss, at all.

  • …a grim, no-frills cop and criminal saga, but we wish the thrills were as potent and magnetic as Sobhraj’s notorious personality.

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