• ‘Laal Kaptaan’ is strictly for Khan’s fans who dig his cerebral conversations in person and therefore will be easy on him.

  • If perfectly-timed stunts and explosions of souped-up cars can appease your soul, then give War a shot. Otherwise, it’s merely a battle of the brawny boys with questionable brains. The real casualty? The viewers who feel the trauma of sitting through this crazy action misfire.

  • While the context of groom kidnapping is a rich idea, it isn’t milked well by director Prashant Singh either. Take the plunge if you are a fan of Chopra and put a ring on it only if you are a glutton for half-baked ideas that don’t materialise fully.

  • While the message behind this film is laudable, it isn’t always exciting. If you are hoping that this movie will end with a big bang, you are mistaken.

  • It will test your patience…The pulpy Salman Khan epic is overstuffed, painfully dull and meanders on and on

  • If you are a hopeless romantic, you will devour ‘Kalank’, a gloriously messy romantic quadrangle filled with supremely gorgeous players.

    But if you are a cynic, you are likely to chew your own hands off from sheer boredom and collective stupidity on display by a bunch of hapless lovers who love to sermonise on complexities of love, forbidden bonds, respect and obligations.

  • Be warned, ‘Luka Chuppi’ isn’t a life-altering romantic comedy which sets out to make some grave social comment. It’s a light-hearted film — with a scattered, almost fickle, storyline — bolstered by good performances from a sturdy cast. While you may not put a ring on this one, you can definitely live with it for a couple of hours of your life.

  • While credit has to be given to director Aanand L Rai for normalising disability in a romance, it is best to keep your expectations at zero to enjoy ‘Zero’.

  • ‘Kedarnath’ is perfectly stormy and is good for a one-time watch.

  • Race 3 splutters to life in bits and parts, but it’s a mammoth let-down. 

    Watch this if you are a motor head who loves to watch cars being blown up, but if you are looking for an intriguing story, then Race 3 isn’t the answer. 

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