• Watch this if you love Khan and Dubai, and are good with suspending belief for over three hours.

  • Khoobsurat, which means beautiful, has its sparkling moments. The songs, such as the one where Mili breaks into a dance with the palace’s help, doesn’t serve any purpose and just makes the romance sluggish. Tighter editing and trimming off of Kapoor’s shrill, cute act would have elevated this engaging film into a riveting one.

  • The movie, which begins on a promising but languid note as a thriller set in a vibrant metropolis such as Hyderabad, morphs into a reluctant love story. Bobby gets side-tracked and the climax scenes, which should ideally be a crackling clincher to the mystery, come across as an afterthought. The suspense to the drama was so lame that we felt bad for the feisty Bobby and Balan: both deserved a riveting, gripping ending.

  • Bollywood’s original action hero lives up to his title and Kumar excels in those hand-to-hand combats. While the climax of Holiday is like Christmas for an Akshay Kumar fan with its over-stretched fight sequences, a non-fan might not relish the sound of bones cracking as much. Watch this if you are in the mood for a Bollywood film that has a bit of everything — terrorism, action and romance.

  • Kochadaiiyaan might have taken a small step towards introducing Avatar-like technology into our lives, but it’s no giant leap. If you have blind faith and (obsessive) love for Rajinikanth and all things animation, you may enjoy this film. For others it may prove a battle to remain glued to your seats.

  • What redeems this film is the eventful pace. There’s gang wars, drugs being smuggled from Iran and copious tears shed during heartbreak (yes, gangsters have hearts too).
    Sadly, this viewer had reached a stage where she was beyond caring.

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