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Born in the upper middle class society, Viki had no mother and his father had no time for him. The cold loneliness of Viki's world left him weak and tainted from within. Absence of love and care pushed Viki to find acceptance in other places. One such place was just a road away from his plush apartment- THE GANGSTER‐LAND.Wikipedia

Dishkiyaoon Reviews

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


This is the kind of film where everyone refers to themselves in the third person (“Gujjar ne kaha kaali diary mein likh dey” : Gujjar being a bad guy and ‘kaali diary’ a black notepad, got it?), and wanders about biding time till the next meaningless shoot-out and killing.Who writes this kind of tripe? Someone please shoot me in the head.

A weak story-line and amateurish direction, coupled with average performances, the film disappoints on many levels.Watch it for the unintentionally hilarious dialogues in the first half.


Bollywood has two types of films: the intelligent ones and those clichéd “leave-brains-at-home” ones. Dishkiyaaon is a pathbreaker. For we life-loving people, it’s the “bring a noose to the theatre” variety. There are some well-shot action scenes and a plethora of clichés but the film largely entertains. Sadly, not in the way it intended to.

The comic punches are too few and far between, plot twists make little sense and are saddled with glaring loopholes.The film’s climax will take you by surprise. Which is not to say that it’s a well-made thriller.It just means that you got so engrossed in trying to make sense of this haphazardly put-together story, you didn’t have much time to realise there’d be the big reveal at the end of it for you to apprehend.

A gangster flick with a complement of dark, twisted characters and a plot burdened with an overload of twists, Dishkiyaoon is high on style but low on substance.

Meena Iyer
Times of India


Please note, none of the mafia dons instill fear, nor do they endear. They just talk, shoot and then talk some more, lulling you into sleep. For an action thriller, the narrative pace is so languid, you can take your popcorn and pee break between the times when two bullets are fired.

Dishkiyaoon is more of a comeback vehicle for an actor than an earnest effort at making a good film.


Dishkiyaoon is a bad film. There are no second thoughts or views on that. Terrible acting and a horrible screenplay is crucially damaging to this movie. I was very close to giving it a zero but the last scene and Sunny Deol earn this one a lenient 0.5. Kindly refrain from this altogether and do your filmy mind a favor. This is injurious to film viewing experiences as a whole.

Faheem Ruhani
India Today


Harman Baweja struggles to create an impact in this drab and listless film. He only succeeds in announcing to the world what a chiseled body he's got. Surely, you are not going to bite the bullet for Dishkiyaoon then.

Suhani Singh
India Today


As temperaments rise, shootouts become common and the body count increases, Dishkiyaoon becomes more cumbersome to watch. There is nothing "poetic", as Lakwa likes to say, about the proceedings.

Taran Adarsh
Bollywood Hungama


On the whole, DISHKIYAOON misses the mark!


There is enough suspense to keep you glued to your seat. But if it wasn’t for the usual dose of naach-gaana and the same old ‘mafia gimmicks’, this film could have been crisper. The first-half meanders aimlessly while the second half is fast paced.

Reviewer Profile


The screenplay, written by the director himself, has no proper emotional hook anywhere to make audience feel interested in it. Instead, it just drags and boring audience to death. The film ends up another attempt in presenting a slick film, without substance.


I doubt whether many will be as determined as us to watch the full movie. As we walk out of the theatre, we are left with an image of Harmen pointing a gun at himself, almost echoing the state of our mind.

Komal Nahta
Komal Nahta's Blog


...a dull fare and will, therefore, bomb at the box-office. It will entail heavy losses to all concerned.

Mansha Rastogi


Throughout the film Viki Kartoos keeps reiterating his mantra that being smart is enough for him in his field, only if the makers could stick to the story in a similar fashion we would've had a far better film than Diskiyaoon. A complete shot in the dark.

Audience Reviews for Dishkiyaoon

  • Bubbly
    41 reviews
    Top Reviewer


    Well, Shakespeare did make a valid point. But when it comes to same names given to a man and woman, the result makes us think. While SUNNY Leone(no connection to acting) could make RAGINI MMS 2 smoulder courtesy her physical assets, her name-sharer SUNNY Deol's physical assets make one cringe. He is an actor with dhai kilo(whatever) and dole shole(whichever). The fate of the movie and Paaji reminded me of the appropriateness of the title DO GAZ ZAMEEN KE NEECHE. He should rest for now. The movie has a dated look. Why was Harman Baweja re-launched? He too should rest before he settles down with Bips. So is the name issue a gender issue or have the times changed? Would like to see more of Lion(ess) babe. The ripples she is creating r giving jitters to our established 'actresses'.

    Sunny scenario.

    The movie is a blatant copy of GOODFELLAS(1990). I guess, if those actors watch this plagiarised version, they may die of heart attack. Never mind. They won't care to watch this as even the Indian viewers have rejected it over the weekend and that's a relief.

    Shilpa Shetty shouldn't've taken pains to be a debutant director with this movie. The Haryanvi characters don't do justice to Haryana. I guess Haryanvis may take offence to Sunny's character. In the poster, it is shown, hero Harman Baweja is pointing revolver at his brain. This is what the viewers do after watching the movie. And the few, who watched it, may end up saying, "shoot it (the movie)".

    The less said about the heroine Ayesha Khanna, the better. She should stick to being the designer she is.

    POST MORTEM: This movie shouldn't ha've been made. It is a torture. It can't revive the career of anyone, who is associated with it. Gangster flicks work and they've a action story. Here it is all dead meat. Suffice it to say it is a gangster flick. So, to know the story, watch GOODFELLAS. That works big time even after 24 years. And that says a lot about Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta, Joe Pesci and Samuel L Jackson. And the director was Martin Scorsese. There lies the difference between Bollywood and Hollywood.

    May 21, 15