• While Khan’s acting prowess will keep you glued to the film, Maneesh’s brand of crisp and tight storytelling holds the plot together.

  • Overall the film will appeal to those who love to see action and want to see John doing it. And yes, he is more bulky this time around.

  • …all credit goes to director Shakun, who holds together the cast like a perfect photo in an album. His sensibilities in this family drama will certainly set a new benchmark.

  • What holds strong in the film is the interaction between Raghu and Robin (Naseeruddin Shah) which actually gets the film back on track. Naseeruddin’s role is short but pivotal and as always leaves a mark with his powerful performance.

  • Prakash is dealing with too many issues at the same time and that leads to the film losing its steam. Also, during the film one expects to see more of Priyanka and her cop role. However it takes you to a personal self discovery route of Prakash’s character which felt far stretched.

  • Apart from the man’s journey which the film informs in detail, there is nothing about the film that holds you in totality. Manoj Bajpayee single-handedly carries the film on his shoulder. It appears that Hansal Mehta got too attached to the subject and got carried away.

  • If you have loved the first film, this one doesn’t live up to its expectations. But looking at the performances of different characters which are entertaining, it isn’t such a dragging affair either.

  • You will be visible shaken in the end and the death of a brave child will leave you teary eyed.

  • The most interesting part of the film is Wade’s sense of humour, especially during the killings. The dialogues are hilarious but it doesn’t take you away from the intense moments of action. The music of the film is also perfectly in sync with the high-octane action sequence. It is one of the most well choreographed chase sequences you will see on a free way.

    Deadpool is a film you wouldn’t want to miss.

  • The film is not easy to the eye and is disturbing. The facts and the disguise condition are well projected by the director. In fact, setting this in a small village and picking many real characters to act in the film works well for the film. However, the way in which the movie is shot, more like a documentary, may not appeal to everyone because of the pace of the film.

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