• All in all, action sequences are fun to watch, but when too much action is accompanied with poor screenplay, it becomes unbearable, despite your lead actor’s ability to kick butt.

  • Overall the film will appeal to those who love to see action and want to see John doing it. And yes, he is more bulky this time around.

  • What holds strong in the film is the interaction between Raghu and Robin (Naseeruddin Shah) which actually gets the film back on track. Naseeruddin’s role is short but pivotal and as always leaves a mark with his powerful performance.

  • Apart from the man’s journey which the film informs in detail, there is nothing about the film that holds you in totality. Manoj Bajpayee single-handedly carries the film on his shoulder. It appears that Hansal Mehta got too attached to the subject and got carried away.

  • If you have loved the first film, this one doesn’t live up to its expectations. But looking at the performances of different characters which are entertaining, it isn’t such a dragging affair either.

  • The film is not easy to the eye and is disturbing. The facts and the disguise condition are well projected by the director. In fact, setting this in a small village and picking many real characters to act in the film works well for the film. However, the way in which the movie is shot, more like a documentary, may not appeal to everyone because of the pace of the film.

  • Anil and Nana are the only saving grace of the film. Watch only for their comic timing otherwise this no-brainer can be give a ‘no welcome’ board.

  • Akshay Kumar has put sincere efforts in every department be it intense or romantic scenes. But all the elements of screenplay, editing, and storyline put together doesn’t really help to drive the point back home. The climax of the film is a yawn and doesn’t move you at all.

  • ‘O Teri’ has delivered what it promised in its promo, a hillarious ride with twists and turns and has not misguided. But as the film, at certain important junctures doesn’t hold the attention, it is sinking and doesn’t stabilize itself.

    And yes, Salman’s very neat apperance in a song at the end, takes your mind away from what you just saw.

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