• …there are times when the movie, despite interesting narration of every character, appears to be running in all directions. But the real essence of the movie is always maintained. When the movies goes get serious towards the end, the visuals and the well-written dialogues will leave a shock value. It is not a predictable Hindi movie with clichés. You grow with the characters and their journey is very much identifiable.

  • Imtiaz Ali, in this film, creates a different world and makes you believe in it till the last shot of the film. The movie isn’t a conventional love story, but every emotion has been layered with justification that only Imtiaz could pull off successfully. This ‘Tamasha’ is definitely to be seen again and again. Going by the full house that came in to see the film for a 9 am show, Ranbir Kapoor had never lost any audience despite 3 flops in row.

  • With everything seeming right, and bringing out his point of living together as a family, director Sooraj goes a bit overboard. After the family has let go off their differences, Sooraj goes on with additional scenes of bonding which are painful to watch. The film does give you a few ‘values’ to take back home, but it takes some patience to sit through it, especially the second half. For all those who love family sagas, drama and 90’s style romance, this is one royal ride you might want to take.

  • Kanu’s first attempt as a director doesn’t disappoint, only if the slow moving film could have picked up pace towards its crucial end.

  • Anil and Nana are the only saving grace of the film. Watch only for their comic timing otherwise this no-brainer can be give a ‘no welcome’ board.

  • Akshay Kumar has put sincere efforts in every department be it intense or romantic scenes. But all the elements of screenplay, editing, and storyline put together doesn’t really help to drive the point back home. The climax of the film is a yawn and doesn’t move you at all.

  • The unpredictable treatment of the storyline keeps you hooked. While going for the Holiday, you might want to take it again.

  • To explore the dark side of Bollywood in the 60s when stardom had a different definition and many were disillusioned about it, one needs to dig in really deep. The charming era of vintage cars, beautiful sets, glamour, dirty desires and unique mannerisms of people with a larger-than-life image, is a chapter you only open if you have an honest intention to project it. If not, one needs to stay away from it.

  • ‘O Teri’ has delivered what it promised in its promo, a hillarious ride with twists and turns and has not misguided. But as the film, at certain important junctures doesn’t hold the attention, it is sinking and doesn’t stabilize itself.

    And yes, Salman’s very neat apperance in a song at the end, takes your mind away from what you just saw.

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