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Baaghi is the story of Ronny (Tiger Shroff), a rebellious 23-year-old from Delhi. Fearing his unruly and angry temperament his father sends him to a disciplinary academy set in a sleepy town in Kerala. While traveling to the academy he meets Siya (Shraddha Kapoor) who also carries a rebellious streak but nonetheless spark fly between them. Wikipedia

Baaghi Reviews

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


I enjoyed the first half, and yawned through the much-too-long-drawn second.

Rohit Vats
Hindustan Times


In short, The Karate Kid enters Bloodsport and appears in a hurry to become Ong-Bak without losing the essential Bollywood qualities. Baaghi shines only in patches.

Mehul S Thakkar
Deccan Chronicle


All in all, action sequences are fun to watch, but when too much action is accompanied with poor screenplay, it becomes unbearable, despite your lead actor’s ability to kick butt.

He’s got the goods of a solid action hero but it’s time to step out of the show reel space and shine under an actual script and a skilled hand who can bring out the Tiger buried under Jackie’s son and Hrithik’s fan. 

Low on genuine emotion, Baaghi is only as engaging as a badly designed video game.

Mohar Basu
Times Of India


Baaghi blooms only during the fights but by the time the clock ticks towards the climax, you are exhausted. How much can you hoot for broken necks and crushed bones? You could try finding thrill in Tiger's kicks but the film has nothing more to offer.

The film is tailor-made for Shroff and he doesn’t disappoint – he executes a kick with the same fluidity and grace as a dancer and makes the toughest of sequences looks scarily easy. The easiest of romantic scenes requiring a bit of emoting – that is a whole other story.But if you can forgive the lack of logic and acting chops, then “The Tiger Shroff Showreel” might be worth your time.

Sarita Tanwar
DNA India


Baaghi is a high-octane masala feast. Watch it for Tiger Shroff - India's best young action hero by far.


The one aspect where Baaghi wins big is the cinematography. Binod Pradhan's camera is adept at capturing the Vallam Kali (the boat race festival in Kerala) with equal ease as the fight-club sequences in Bangkok.Watch Baaghi this week if you want to whistle along to Tiger and Shraddha's bone-breaking punches.

Baaghi is an out and out action flick, which is ruined by romance and a tepid plot.

...is a typical masala entertainer which scores high on action and performances from the lead cast. With focus on entertainment, the film is, without a doubt, the best action film to come out of Bollywood in recent times. It has all the merits to hit the jackpot. At the box office, it will be lapped up by the masses on the account of its masala quotient. Highly recommended.

Reviewer Profile
Deccan Herald


Shraddha Kapoor gets wet everytime it rains. And Tiger Shroff makes it a point to drool over the baarish babe everytime it pours. In between the showers and Kerala tourism promotions, Shroff shows off the only reason why he is in films — his OMG! stunts. And they remain the sole reason to watch Baaghi as well.


You don’t feel like you’re watching an Indian production, so slick are the sequences...

Forget the rest, watch this film for Tiger Shroff. There is no one who fights like Tiger Shroff and it looks like we have finally found a genuine martial arts star. Hope he gets more such roles to do justice to his dedication.

Subhash K Jha


Though not unwatchable Baaghi lays way too much stress on optical thrills.Forget feeling for the lovers, you wait for them to stop singing dancing and fighting  long enough to give love a chance.This is a narrative so busy having sex it forgets to enjoy the orgasm.


Baaghi is a slickly packaged empty vessel. The action choreography is striking, the locations are exquisite, the camerawork polished, the art design impressive, the cast well dressed. Scratch the attractive surface though, and you get a dated, cliched storyline that compartmentalises hero, heroine, villains and comedians in the way Hindi films of the 1970s and 1980s did.

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