• Gone Girl proves to be an engaging work of cinematic art that, despite its flaws, has enough drama (as a matter of fact, it’s too dramatic at times) and suspense to offer to its viewers. Gone Girl is not Fincher’s best film, but, nevertheless, it’s a worthy addition to his oeuvre.

  • Overall, Revolver Rani presents experimental filmmaking at its very best but typically with little commercial relevance, especially in the context of the Indian market. Kangana Ranaut shines in her portrayal of a politically powerful female goon.

    Revolver Rani is film that can best be appreciated with open and receptive minds. There is certainly more to the film than meets the eye. As a socio-political satire, its relevance cannot be overlooked. The undercurrent of dark humour only adds to movie’s overall appeal. Highly recommended!

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