• It is a film that has the Hirani stamp all over it – an entertainer with a message. And of course it too has tremendous repeat value. And yet, PK is not Hirani’s best!

    PK is by far the most honest and earnest big-budget film of the year.

  • Zed Plus is one of the films that is difficult to review. You would not want to say too much, and you would not like to say too little. It is a film that makes you laugh, makes you think and the leaves you with a smile. It is one of the better satires that have come out from Bollywood. If you are sharp enough to get the subtle hints you would enjoy it more so. Watch it!

  • Irrespective of any fault Rang Rasiya is a piece of cinema you could watch. This one will stand as one of the most deserving biopics in an industry which is suddenly trying to make films on just about anyone. Rang Rasiya is on a league of its own, meaningful and relevant a century after the man has gone.

  • Daawat-E-Ishq mixes romance and crime. Its effort is to bring up the evil called Dowry into focus and evoke some thought around it. A rather wasted effort. Having said that, Daawat is fairly entertaining. It could easily be your watch for the weekend.

  • As mentioned earlier, you may not be wowed by the story. Yet, Finding Fanny leaves you with a happy feeling. It is charmingly off-beat and yet mainstream. As you walk out, you would have much more on your mind apart from the delightful end-credit tune. Finding Fanny urges you to make a move if you want to find your love. I urge you to watch go to the theater and watch the film for sure. Just one advice – try catch the English version. Hindi is fine too but just not the language it is shot in.

  • Singham Returns is a proof the director’s vision. He deserves all the cheers. Watch it for all the entertainment that Rohit Shetty can bring into a film. From blowing cars, to dialogues to hilarious moments this one has all. My personal favourite – a scene where Kareena suddenly gets famous and a restaurant manager asks for a selfie. You cannot not enjoy Singham Returns.

  • If you are not looking for much of intelligence, this is one film that should tickle your funny bone enough. A family watch.

  • Amit Sahni Ki List is your film this weekend if you are looking for some fun. You should surely come out with some funny Virr Das expressions in your mind.

  • …is yet another example why certain films are called great and the rest are just average. A DDLJ is almost impossible to redo. You do not root for the lead actors in HSKD like you did for SRK and Kajol. Yet, this one is a fun one-time watch for sure. Like any honest celebration of our filmy spirit.

  • Bobby Jasoos arrives as a rare clean, fun, mainstream entertainer that an entire family could watch together. What more! It delivers as nice message without being preachy for once. Frankly, I was pleasantly surprised. This is one jasoos you might just like seeing more of.

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