• …is not for the one who would ask for logic. Watch it if you like random songs pushed into the story every 10 minutes so that the heroine dance in scanty clothes.

  • It is a film that has the Hirani stamp all over it – an entertainer with a message. And of course it too has tremendous repeat value. And yet, PK is not Hirani’s best!

    PK is by far the most honest and earnest big-budget film of the year.

  • Badlapur Boys is an uninspiring tale. You could watch it if you are really starved of entertainment…

  • …is as faulty as the spelling of ‘right’ in the title of the film. And no amount of numerology is going to help.

  • Action Jackson defies logic in every sequence. Screenplay defines absurd, characters unintentionally funny. Save your money.

  • Zed Plus is one of the films that is difficult to review. You would not want to say too much, and you would not like to say too little. It is a film that makes you laugh, makes you think and the leaves you with a smile. It is one of the better satires that have come out from Bollywood. If you are sharp enough to get the subtle hints you would enjoy it more so. Watch it!

  • Zid is one of those films that fall into my ‘yawn-inducing’ list. Not getting enough sleep? This could be your medicine without side-effects.

  • Ungli is a film that starts with some good intent but falters midway. Much like the fact that the filmmaker resorts to using the punch sign instead of the middle finger that he initially intended to. Censor scare. I would have recommended they change the name of the film from Ungli to Mukka, but then with a film that lack any punch the change in name would have hardly mattered.

  • Happy Ending is recommended for anyone who is even slightly interested in romantic comedies. That however does not take help the fact that you would want more out of these two directors than just give you something ‘regular’. For one, I would have liked if the film had more to do with the writer trying to figure his story rather than his love story.

  • You may watch Kill Dil only if you are a fan of any of the actors. I would say, let it pass.

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