• From ensuring the soul is intact to successfully recreating a story for a completely different set of audiences, Oopiri sets a benchmark for adaptations in Telugu cinema and paves the way for more exciting genres. Director Vamshi Paidipally makes a difficult task seem easier than reading out ABC! And, he does that by bringing together two leading mainstream actors from different film industries. Can it get any better?

  • Nannaku Prematho is like a delectable serving of dessert with a hint of tang. The flavour may seem out of place initially because you aren’t used to it. But if you try it with an open mind, you’d probably savour it.

  • In the list of fails in this film would be the comedy which leaves you with little or no laughs at all. And then, the first half moves on to be very slow, though it is compensated by the pace of the latter part of the film.

  • While we are getting used to this “second half syndrome”, this is one of those rare cases where the second half shines over the first. And yet again, a story with potential goes awry.

  • Size Zero is slow at times and can go into a sermon mode but then it packs some moments which will make you laugh out loud. You could watch this film anyway because there’s no effort and it’s not like you are burning any calories!

  • … the film, helmed by Rajesh M Selva, has technical brilliance. The thing with the film is that it has its heart set in the right place but it’s the beats that are occasionally irregular.

  • Kanche is a daring attempt for mainstream Tollywood cinema. While there’s an interesting story which is told really well, you will be left with the lingering feeling that it could have been a lot better.

  • The film’s graphics are lacklustre and tacky with the 3D feeling unnecessary, but Gunasekhar tries to make up for it with a narrative. And he does present a pretty decent tale where he presents interesting details about history.

  • The first half of the film is definitely the more enjoyable part due to being high on emotions, laced with elements of fun and has the necessary dash of villainy. However, the pace slows in second half and so does the entertainment quotient as the focus shifts to the action sequences. The music gives the film a nice mood with the background score giving some scenes an elevation. However, improper placement of the songs – especially the title track, an item song – proves to be a turn off.

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