• Compared to the energetic Days Of Future Past, this is awful! The flashbacks and the repetition of scenes get to you after a point of time. Visually, it’s very good but come on! For good visuals, I could just stare at the superhero screensaver on my laptop and not spend my time and money in the theatre.
    Even for X-Men fans, this is a one-time watch!

  • The concept seems interesting but when it’s not backed by a good story it looks like the makers just are resorting to witless humor to get some eyeballs. Hunterrr seems nothing but another forced adult comedy!

  • …is a pointless film. It’s a film that shouldn’t have been made in the first place. It misfires!

  • Fans of Guruji couldn’t have asked for more. They will laugh with him and others will enjoy in their own way as they laugh at him!

  • I’m told releasing a film is not easy. One has to have a good story, get the cast in place, and convince a producer to back it and then get a studio to release it. After all kinds of checkpoints it’s appalling that this film has made it to the theatres.

  • At 2 hours and 40 minutes Baby is too long to entertain and since it’s full of flaws it seems much longer.

  • Amit Sharma’s remake of the Telugu hit Okkadu (2003) comes too late to Bollywood. Times have changed and so have Bollywood movies. The era of small town politicians and goon films is almost over.
    Sadly the year starts with a disappointing film. The good thing however is that the quality of films can only go up from here.

  • Action Jackson is just action scenes and random songs put together to fill 145 minutes of screen time. This film is beyond repair.

  • …cinephiles are likely to appreciate the attempt to show how hard it is for outsiders to break into an industry which is still driven by nepotism and commerce. Despite the film’s flaws, Masurkar shows promise as a filmmaker drawing from what seem like his own experiences as a filmmaker. It will be interesting to see what he comes up with next.

  • The penguins are cute, animation and 3D is great! And the running time is just 92 minutes but since the film doesn’t touch the right cord it doesn’t seem worth the time.

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