• ‘I’ is definitely, a film that touches the pinnacle of technical extravaganza and special thanks to Weta Studios for an incredulous effort. But, a convincing screenplay and inclusion of newfangled rhetoric thinking could have kept it on pars with ‘Enthiran’.

  • Kayal is a technically well-made film, which was equally backed up by some awesome performances. A hat trick for Prabhu Solomon.

  • Meagamann, the undercover gangster fails to be the captain of the ship…

  • Kaththi is no 3 hour entertainer to go enjoy, have dinner and go to bed. The film deals with a deep social issue. The audience here, are more like the media in the film. They will not care if this kind of an issue is shown on TV, written in a book or spoken about publicly. But with a star like Vijay at the forefront, this film is sure to turn heads. The silver lining here is Murugadoss, who walks the tightrope between being preachy and being massy, with absolute elegance!

  • Amara Kaaviyam is said to be based on a true incident. Unfortunately, neither the happenings leading to the incident or the incident itself is something which will raise your eyebrows. The much hyped climax is a let down too. If Nayanthara wept after watching this, I’m afraid the reasons might have been different.

  • Anjaan is not a bad film. I’m just sad that hasn’t turned out to be the film it could have been. Suriya carries this on his shoulders just like he always does, but you do need some help from the others if you wish to churn out a stellar product. The don here is dapper, but his story? Good. And that’s about it.

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