• The film’s tells the story in a straightforward, simple manner. The execution is not sharp and technically impressive. The acting is superb by the veterans, but shaky by the younger crowd. Still, the film is worth a watch for the extraordinary story. A story that actually encompasses the scope of human kindness. And the fact that the film is inspired by true events makes it that much special!

  • Bangistan attempts to tell a well-intentioned message through humour, and in the end, both are lost on the viewer. The film, based on our novice bombers, is sadly low-impact!

  • Adajania brings in an arresting story, great atmospherics, and memorable character superbly acted by the cast. All this with a sprinkling of some deliciously wicked humour. This little, big film is all heart. You shouldn’t miss it!

  • This film could have been much more, had the creature too been given more personality and heft. This is one of the few films where the antagonist must have as much substance as the protagonist. Here’s it’s reduced to being just a freak, a cursed lizard-man, out to devour people. Too bad, really.

  • Maybe there’s no need to intellectualize this beautiful bond and just savour it as it is.

    Just like the film. Do Not Miss!

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