• Raaz Reboot might still go on to make money, like its predecessors in the franchise. But do we as the Indian audience need to assaulted with such banal, comical horror every single time the Bhatts have some money to make a film? Nope. So if you still go ahead and spend money on a movie like this, you DESERVE more movies like these. And thou shalt not complain about the poor state of horror movies in India. Thou absolutely shalt not.

  • The story-telling is largely unsentimental, which could give some the expression that the director and actor don’t exploit the warmth of a story like this. However, there’s a difference in not caring and choosing not to be heavy-handed. Eastwood realises how remarkable the story already is, and that it doesn’t need gloss over it. Another professional right there, who did his job.

  • Akira is a dumb commercial potboiler, with a superlative performance by Anurag Kashyap. Your only wish in the end is Sonakshi find material good enough to do justice to her acting abilities. She badly needs to step away from the preset Bollywood templates.

  • Suicide Squad is a big, bloated mess of a superhero film, with a bipolar screenplay. Known for his realistic, gritty films like End of Watch and Fury, you can see flashes of the old David Ayer in this film. Too few and far between though.

  • The truth is Jason Bourne hardly ever breaks new ground with its latest film, but the select elements are so much fun to watch, you almost don’t mind. This is one sequel, which wasn’t really the need of the hour, but one that the audience will not mind watching since it is so well made.

  • Director Justin Lin mixes eye-popping spectacle with good ol’ nostalgia in Star Trek Beyond, a sequel that lives up to the rich lineage of the Star Trek franchise.

  • It seems highly ridiculous that the producers think this is what the audience want. That this will make money, and it just might. It also makes one sad for the audience, who are taken for granted like this and serviced with one trashy film after the other in the name of ‘family entertainers’.
    Don’t bother watching this one. You can thank us later.

  • The film is diseased with promise, and the story is too simplistic to be entirely involving. It falls criminally short of mesmerising the viewer. And you know what they say about the jungle… if it doesn’t get your pulse racing, what good is it?

  • Now You See Me 2, on a whole doesn’t work as a film, let alone a sequel. It uses lots of special effects, blinding visuals, blaring background score and one-liners to steer the audience away from its ridiculous, convoluted plot twists. What the makers forget is that the movie is ABOUT deception and not deceiving the audience.

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