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Star Trek Beyond

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The USS Enterprise crew explores the furthest reaches of uncharted space, where they encounter a mysterious new enemy who puts them and everything the Federation stands for to the test.Wikipedia

Star Trek Beyond Reviews

Shalini Langer
Indian Express


The film doesn't bother explaining why the universe across planets may be after it. Not that anyone is asking that question, for Star Trek Beyond is much too busy pitting Kirk and company against Krall (Elba) and his lot.

Rohan Naahar
Hindustan Times


Star Trek Beyond is an extension of the movies that came before it. It makes the series feel connected and whole.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, the franchise juggernaut comprising of small screen voyages and big continues to evoke nostalgia and inspire ingenuity.But it’s the combination of these two qualities in the third installment of the reboot series -- Star Trek Beyond -- what makes it worth a trip.


To sum things up, get ready for some interesting side adventures, snappy dialogues, brilliant CGI, an entertaining score (the retro hit by Beastie Boys' Sabotage) and also a relationship angle, for good measure. The kind of blend that is signature JJ Abrams (he has a co-producer credit). Then there's the enemy leader Krall (Elba) who is bad to the bone no doubt, but without being over-the-top. A few logical fallacies aside, this one's really enjoyable.

Bryan Durham
DNA India


Go buy that ticket and strap in to explore new worlds with the Starship Enterprise. Enjoy the ride. We're sure there are more to follow.

Reviewer Profile
India Today


Director Justin Lin mixes eye-popping spectacle with good ol' nostalgia in Star Trek Beyond, a sequel that lives up to the rich lineage of the Star Trek franchise.

...has both heart and action coupled with the aura that continues from the previous films, which makes it an entertaining film and definitely worth a watch.

With the climactic sequence pumping up the action and destruction, you are quite guaranteed a swell experience – especially since it’s quite bloodless and catering largely to boyish fantasies.

Zee News


Overall, this film is like watching a big budget film of the original television series.


Fans of the franchise, this is how your fan fiction looks on screen. This is a wholesome fan experience with a simple but an enchanting storyline. For the newbies (who have not seen a single movie of the franchise), watch this as an independent space-travel movie and you won’t complain. Get your shields up and boldly go where no man has gone before.

Uday Bhatia


There’s nothing remotely path-breaking about this film, but the visible affection of the actors for the characters they’re playing makes Star Trek Beyond more enjoyable than any third film in a franchise has a right to be.

There’s plenty going for Star Trek Beyond when the only thing holding it back is its formulaic approach. But you don’t always have to go where no man has been before.

All in all, director Justin Lin’s take on J.J. Abrams’ reboot of the franchise, while taking it back to basics, fails to do little else but give you the faint promise of excitement, but never fully delivering.

The balance between wit, irreverence, philosophy, blockbuster tropes and action is deft, but if only the plot had been more convincing.


The movie is quite upbeat for the nightmarish times we live in. Star Trek always helped us understand that the possibilities are always endless, and the sweet and sincere nature of the film almost makes you believe that it could be true.So here's hoping the great adventure continues for another 50 years from here.

Audience Reviews for Star Trek Beyond

  • Pranay Jalvi
    Pranay Jalvi
    39 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    The third installment of rebooted Star Trek series offers a strong comeback of the starcast. J.J Abrams was replaced by Justin Lin as the director and it created some disappointment for Abrams fans. Taking over the directing chair from reboot mastermind J J Abrams, Lin delivers some exciting space battle action staged against spectacular digitally-enhanced sets. Justin Lin was good enough to manage the story with very good VFx effects. It is one of the best Sci-fi movies watched in 2016. One of the chief strength of the Star Trek Beyond is that it remains its appealing young cast, who approach their iconic characters with respect. I go with 4.5/5 for this Sci-fi action flick.

    November 20, 16
  • Bindu Cherungath
    Bindu Cherungath
    126 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    Star Trek Beyond, a film by Justin Lin, is the thirteenth film in the Star Trek Film series. This journey of very famous Star Trek film series began in 1966 as a weekly television series. The first film of this franchise was in 1979 (Star Trek: The Motion Picture). Thirteen films have been categorized into 3 phases: ‘The Original Series films’ having six films, ‘The Next Generation films’ having four films and ‘Reboot Series’ having 3 films, including the latest one ‘Star Trek Beyond’. Star Trek Franchise also has games, novels, toys, comics, magazines etc. This series is also cited as inspiration for many technological inventions including the cell phones and computers. Their films, technologies were almost always ahead of time. The franchise has chosen to celebrate 50th anniversary with ‘Star Trek Beyond’. This is also dedicated to two departed souls of the Star Trek Family – Leonard Nimov (original Spock) and Anton Yelchin. This one is full of action, rather breathless action.

    Star Trek has tried to promote the film in India in unique ways. Mumbai skyline has a poster of a giant Starship Enterprise. Promoters also decided to do a ‘Spaceship Activation’ in a Mumbai suburban mall with a huge remote-controlled ‘spaceship’.

    The film begins with Captain Kirk’s efforts to trying to bring peace between the Federation and extra-terrestrial planet. Initial frames also show the bond between Spock and Kirk. Whereabouts of a ship and the instructions of rescuing the same make Captain Kirk and crew of the enterprise travel to the alien planet for one of the most dangerous mission. Rest of the story revolves around, what all challenges they face during their journey. The major challenge comes in the form of antagonist Krall, whose real identity is revealed towards the end of the film. Even the reasons / logic of Krall to destroy the Enterprise are shown in the last frames.Although action dominates in the film, it has its own moments of romance, humour etc.

    ‘Star Trek Beyond’ turns out to be brilliant with its visual appeal, technological brilliance displayed and also the message conveyed to have a vision of humanity that is undivided due to caste, creed, sexuality. Watch the film.

    July 24, 16
  • Jim Jacobsen
    Jim Jacobsen
    1 review

    As somewhat of an amateur "Treky", after seeing the movie I had a slight memory of the name of the ship "The Franklin" in one of the original series episodes. I just looked up, on a whim, and came up with this blog which gives some insite into the connection between the series, the new movie, and real history. "Fascinating"-as Mr Spock would say. This will not give away the plot, but will give some vision about the way the storyline is knitted together by the writers and producers. If you go to the movie you will see the connection and understand the genius behind this particular piece of science fiction. I would see it again.

    Read the blog 9/10 "Actually a look at a 19th century mystery "

    What Are Little Girls Made Of? (TV episode 1966) - User Reviews - IMDb

    July 23, 16