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The Legend of Tarzan

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It's the late 1880's, and it has been years since the man once known as Tarzan left the jungles of Africa—where he was raised by the great apes—behind for an aristocratic life in Victorian London as John Clayton, 3rd Viscount Greystoke, with his beloved wife, Jane Porter at his side. Now,[6] he has been invited back to the Congo Free State to serve as a trade emissary of the House of Commons, unaware that he is a pawn in a deadly convergence of greed and revenge, masterminded by the corrupt Belgian Captain Léon Rom.

The Legend of Tarzan Reviews


This is a pale, watered-down take on the iconic hero. Perhaps Tarzan was best left in the jungle.

Shalini Langer
Indian Express


David Yates movie gives us a believable reason to revisit the tale of the man raised by apes.

Rohan Naahar
Hindustan Times


What makes a movie, that might on the surface look like it’s just another release date, another intellectual property exploited for its lasting legacy, another grim retelling of a beloved modern hero – transcend every hurdle in its way, and become satisfying, surprising… What makes a film win you over, and become, against all expectations, something you can picture yourself watching again?

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Deccan Chronicle


It starts in a quaint, interesting, post-Tarzan manner, almost as if the film were a sequel. The film founds itself on an assumption of its lead character’s established presence in popular lore — as such, it spares us the tedium of a linearly delivered origin story, which is rendered, instead, through brief flashbacks.

Samuel L Jackson and Margot Robbie are average. You'll forget their performances once you walk out of the theatre.The VFX is a letdown as well.If you have got absolutely nothing to do this weekend, you can kill time watching The Legend of Tarzan. But then, there are always better things to do.

Mohar Basu
Times Of India


Yates fails to give his leading man any depth. Though Tarzan wears his brawny side in style but a lack of insight into his psyche, makes the film a weak brew. This Tarzan is sincere but roars tad too late.

Bryan Durham
DNA India


If you're a sucker for a tale where you root for the 'sequel' where the hero returns for closure (or possibly new beginnings), this film is for you. If you expected it to be more, you might as well let out a Tarzan yell in frustration.

The Legend Of Tarzan is not impressive when it comes to visual appeal. Skarsgard packs a punch but his signature roar in what could be the third act is too late to revive the audiences to like the film.

Reviewer Profile
India Today


The film is diseased with promise, and the story is too simplistic to be entirely involving. It falls criminally short of mesmerising the viewer. And you know what they say about the jungle... if it doesn't get your pulse racing, what good is it?

...comes across as a film that has started out from the middle of a story and is trying to expand in all directions covering any and every aspect that can be used for future sequels. With a naïve story line, meandering plot, almost absolute focus on one single character and general confusion with the direction in which to take the film forward, THE LEGEND OF TARZAN is all but legendary.


With everything that's wrong with The Legend Of Tarzan, the movie on a whole still works because it all looks so polished and slick. The visuals of the African landscapes are breathtaking, especially in IMAX 3D. The CGI animals though sometimes inconsistent, still make for a marvellous sight. The visual wizardry at work in this film more than makes up for it's dimwit storytelling. So if you like the sight of a larger-than-life action adventure, Tarzan is just the man for you.

In terms of visual effects this film is quite impressive but as a crusty, involving adventure, it falls short!


The character is simply one step ahead of being a stereotypical mustache-twirling villain. Skarsgard, whose face is often in the shadows doesn’t have many lines in the film and his extreme gym bod does most of the acting. Robbie is severely miscast as Jane – she looks like a very modern woman placed in a period film.It looks like Warner and Disney are making the same kind of blockbuster movies and the latter is consistently making the better ones.


This retelling of the Tarzan story is so tedious, you can throw darts at the bad guys, knowing which one is going to die next. Jane is as important as what's-her-name in Transformers. The CGI gorillas should have stayed in the mist...

Jake Coyle


Agility is the prime trait of Tarzan, but Legend has little of it. The film strains to juggle the character’s baggage instead of embracing the tale’s innate silliness and spirit of adventure (over the years Tarzan has fought dinosaurs and Roman gladiators).

Zee News


"The Legend of Tarzan" is a poorly paced film that is light on adventure and far from becoming legendary.

Audience Reviews for The Legend of Tarzan

  • Ajay lawyer
    Ajay lawyer
    85 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    75% of the movie waste to see

    July 24, 17
  • Pranay Jalvi
    Pranay Jalvi
    39 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    Director David Yates, who inherited the beloved Harry Potter characters and brought that series home in its final four entries, makes the wise decision to direct Tarzan remake, however The Legend of Tarzan ends up being a garbled, clunky production that tries to please everyone and ends up pleasing no one. Alexander Skarsgard is more abs than actor as the ape man. In the end, though, it's really just some pretty pictures, and some computer- generated animals. It was a huge disappointment and will bomb at the box office due to no extraordinary responses from viewers. I would go with 2/5 for this poorly remade movie of a famous character in our early childhood.

    November 20, 16