• Nenu Sailaja is a simple romantic tale which told in beautiful way with some good writing by the director Kishore. Go watch.

  • Compared to recent Ravi Teja’s movie, Bengal Tiger is more entertaining. The first half of the movie, Ravi Teja’s antics, and Prudhvi are its strength. Second half should have been better. A regular mass entertainer with severe stress on comedy and glamour show is what Bengal Tiger is all about.

  • The film has decent technical and production values with neat cinematography (Sai Sriram) and adequate production design. Pace of the movie is not right, editor should have chopped off many scenes to tighten the screenplay in the first half. As writer, Kona has shown his spark with some witty dialogues here and his mark is visible in later portions of the movie but on the whole it lacks zest.

  • Size Zero has Anushka doing her best and its heart is also at the right place with fun first half. A better second half and some entertainment would have made difference to overall effect of the movie. – See more at: http://www.telugucinema.com/reviews/Size-Zero-Movie-Review#sthash.uMDIvgk2.dpuf

  • Cheekati Rajyam is an action thriller with all its elements, but the storyline lets down the film a bit. Some twists and turns in this thriller would have done wonders to this. Kamal and his team have concentrated more on the stunts and sound design, some work on the second half would have elevated the film to a different level.

  • Kumari 21 F is a coming-of-age story told in bold manner with unusual climax. Has good music and cinematography too. Uneven pace and some flaws apart, it is far from the regular formula romantic dramas.

  • Kanche is a period love saga with a quite different backdrop. Novel storyline, rich making values, some good dialogues are its assets, but slow pace and excessive war drama tests the patience. Suitable only for discerning audiences.

  • Overall, screenplay was fun packed though it has over dose of violence at places, especially brutality shown on mute girl was disturbing. This must be a reason for the film being given ‘A’ by censors. The makers should have avoided such scenes for their own benefit of fetching family crowds too. Otherwise the film has all the masala to entertain masses. It also is a befitting tribute to the comedian M.S.Narayana, who passed away on the day of the release of the movie.

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