• Despite director’s honest attempts to make us emotionally involved, we would emotionlessly wait for it to end. The best scene of the second half comes during the climax. But it is not strong enough to make us forget all the pain that we have gone through till that point. Even the family audiences will not be able to connect with these artificial emotions and lackluster script. Mahesh the superstar too will need a miracle to save this one from sinking.

  • Despite some funny moments here and there, watching this family entertainer is a painful experience on a whole.

  • Speedunnodu seems okay until the interval point with some laugh out loud moments. However the romantic track it is too predictable to keep us glued. Climax is different from usual but couldn’t make the desired impact. Speedunnodu has its moments but fails to entertain or engage on a whole.

  • Srikanth Addala’s strength lies in handling love track and family drama. In ‘Mukunda’, He tried to include heroism elevation scenes which were against his usual style. Poor writing and Not so impressive direction plays the spoilsport though. The fact that Hero-Heroine hardly talk to each other throughout the movie makes things worse. Some how, Srikanth ended up going off the track this time.

  • …a routine plot and unimpressive narration to test the patience of audience.

  • First Half of the movie is decent with romance and comedy. Second Half is loaded with sentiment and the climax is bold. This is were the film could have been trimmed by at least 15 to 25 minutes to make the proceedings interesting. ‘Galipatam’ is a case of Bold Concept & Bad Execution.

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