• Despite director’s honest attempts to make us emotionally involved, we would emotionlessly wait for it to end. The best scene of the second half comes during the climax. But it is not strong enough to make us forget all the pain that we have gone through till that point. Even the family audiences will not be able to connect with these artificial emotions and lackluster script. Mahesh the superstar too will need a miracle to save this one from sinking.

  • Oopiri is all about moments and emotions. It cannot be seen as a simple film based on two people. There is so much depth into it and there is life in it. This is one of those films that cannot be missed at any cost. It is an experience that needs to be cherished by every film lover. Leave everything and just book your ticket now. Highly recommended.

  • Despite some funny moments here and there, watching this family entertainer is a painful experience on a whole.

  • Speedunnodu seems okay until the interval point with some laugh out loud moments. However the romantic track it is too predictable to keep us glued. Climax is different from usual but couldn’t make the desired impact. Speedunnodu has its moments but fails to entertain or engage on a whole.

  • Nannaku Prematho is not a bad film at all. It has its moments and clever screenplay that will appeal to the educated audience. NTR and Jagapathi Babu have made it worth watching. Sukumar’s brilliant screenplay will leave you awestruck at times. Having said that Nannaku Prematho may not perform well in B and C centers. People who liked 1 Nenokkadine will like this one too. But will this appeal to larger audience than 1?

  • Post interval portions raise some hopes but the movie loses steam after that but the climax is good. Weak villains made it an ordeal as there is no scope for elevating heroism which holds key for any Balakrishna’s movie. Everything is predictable but the mass elements make it a watchable fare. Balakrishna fans and masses may enjoy few dialogues and other stuff from their favorite hero. Others may find it a bit dated. On a whole Dictator is a decent mass entertainer for the genre lovers.

    Verdict: Dictator will rule.

  • Nenu Sailaja will strike a chord with the youth and the emotions in the second half will appeal to the family audience. This film will be appreciated by the target audience. Masses may find it little boring and sluggish that may hamper its chances in B and C centers. For its genuinely enjoyable scenes and touching emotions, Nenu Sailaja is worth a watch.

  • The concept itself (Hero suffering from mild-Memory Loss) is enough to arouse the curiosity of the film lovers. When dealt well, Rib-Tickling Comedy could be produced. Maruthi has done the same and he has got a superb performer in the form of Nani to create maximum impact. There is nothing much to complain about this movie, except for Nani-Naresh Combination Scene and a forced song at the start of Second Half. Don’t miss ‘Bhale Bhale Magadivoy’ if you wish to get entertained!

  • ‘Kick 2’ garnered a massive 1150 screen release and hence it is expected to register career-best openings for Raviteja. In the full run, It has to generate a share of Rs 31 crore to attain a hit status. Prospects appear good in Mass Circuits and the final outcome depends mostly on the revenues in the First Weekend.

  • Srikanth Addala’s strength lies in handling love track and family drama. In ‘Mukunda’, He tried to include heroism elevation scenes which were against his usual style. Poor writing and Not so impressive direction plays the spoilsport though. The fact that Hero-Heroine hardly talk to each other throughout the movie makes things worse. Some how, Srikanth ended up going off the track this time.

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