• ‘’How’s the josh? How’s the josh?’’ I asked myself while Adjusting my seat after credit started rolling on the screen…and yes..I could hear that it is still high and pumped up…Bollywood latest offering ‘Uri’ is indeed a decent watch even if it falls short of the intensity at many places…
    Patriotism and cinema have been together for ages..we could find many movies in the annals of Indian cinema with the war background.Some have potrayed chest thumping nationalism at its best and some others were nuanced and subtle in their approach.Uri in its perspective is a little different in this league or a balanced mixture of both..
    What’s hot:—— (1)cinematography is top notch here and one of the best in the Indian cinema ever..the use of lighting,camera movements etc are commendable.
    (2) action choreography -most of the fighting scenes are choreographed so well..scenes involving firing from both the sides are so well as if u feel it is happening in real..there must be some vfx work there but i rarely could figure out anything as such.
    (3) acting and background score- Vickey kaushal in the lead and Mohit Raina in the first half are amazing..while Vickey is one of the finest actors we have, Mohit’s screen presence is as infectious as hell..Vickey kaushal has only 3 proper scenes in the movie (running sequence, war cry scene and and the climax one ) and he completely nails it..he can be the sole reason to watch this movie..supporting cast including yami gautam, paresh rawal(as Ajit dobhal), rajat kapoor (as narendra modi)among others were also good in their characters.
    (4) This film also showcases the emotional side of an army officer who is also a human being and can shed tears at times..moreover, some dialogues like ‘हमारा झगड़ा पाकिस्तान की जनता से नहीं है, वहाँ बेठे आतंकवादियों से है’ aptly sums up our stand.
    (5) Intermission point:: one of the best intermissions after PIKU..surely will give you goosebumps.

    What’s not: loose script : it falters at some points..some of the scenes like strategy making and interrogation ones were not intense and convincing and did not evoke any strong emotion..

    So, in all, Uri is finest in the technical department and looses some points here and there in its essence enroute to climax.. if you like action flicks and that too filled with pride and patriotism and don’t mind cinematic liberty, this film is for you.u will be thrilled. But those who are expecting ‘the hurt locker’ and ‘zero dark thirty’ will miss the intensity here..

    P.S: Surgical strike took place or not has been the talk of the town..there is division in the society based on their political inclinations or affiliations..I believe it happened. If u don’t..even that is fine..if u are not going to watch this film as u don’t believe in it,then I must tell u that it is much more than that, this movie shows the hardship and pain army men go through for the pride of the country.just appreciate that.

    October 05, 19
  • इंगलिश कलचर हमारी संस्कृति को खा रहा है। हम अपनी भाषा को कमतर समझकर केवल बनावटी दुनिया में रह रहे हैं। हमें दूसरी भाषाओं को जरूर अपनाना चाहिए परन्तू अपनी भाषा पर गौरवान्वित महसूस करना चाहिए। इस संबंध में हमारी शिक्षा पद्धती की एक अहम् भूमिका है।

    With this subject on the anvil new Irfan Khan starrer movie “हिन्दी medium” strikes the chord with more than half of Indian population, whose talent either doesn’t get explored due to this language constraint or seen outdated and outcast from the society just because they are not versed in this vernacular.
    Director takes the ‘nursary admission in delhi’ schools’ route to showcase the obsession and rightly shows that parents can do anything to get their wards into the paycheck of “high branded schools”. He raises a very important issue regarding education where parents think that that their children can achieve something big in life only if they have had the education from these biggies.
    Government’s negligence towards the education system is also an important reason behind this. The corruption by politicians and bureaucrats is loosening the soil nutrients which is ultimately weakening this ‘plant’ of education.

    The story revolves around a affluent couple who are doing anything to get their daughter into one of the big schools.if they can’t make it through this route they fake poverty and get her in with GARIB QUOTA. This misuse of RTE has also been there in the big cities for years. Many cases have been registered in the past regarding frauds and corruption in admissions. The director though starts it well ,goes seamlessly till interval but did not have a strong script to land it smoothly.

    Nevertheless,he had THE IRFAN KHAN with his absolute comic timing cided with Deepak Dobriyal of ‘tanu weds Manu’ fame who mixes his flavour to get it well.

    If you are done with the charisma of larger than ‘reel’ life BAHUBALI, let’s get out of the ‘Mahishmati kingdom’ and ponder over this real problem around us.

    A decent watch.

    October 05, 19
  • (Waa..waa) (waa..waa)..(naaice.. naaice)

    U must be wondering why m repetitive with some speech sounds ….Wait..lemme clear I don’t have Tourette syndrome…..i am just appreciating the well earned effort from the makers of HITCHKI.
    HITCHKI is basically the story of a girl (brilliant Rani)with neurological disorder (un)known to most of us as tourette syndrome (in which she keeps making some involuntary and repetitive phonetic tics like Chaaa chaaa..jik..jik etc) and how she overcomes her disability and gets succeeded in doing what she loves the most..TEACHING.So,in nutshell, HITCHKI showcases the sprit of an individual, celebrates the teaching as a profession and acknowledge the efforts of the educators ..
    This film also touches many aspects like the Class divide in schools as well as in society (sample::class 9A represents toppers from affluent families while 9F symbolises the failures from the downtrodden and underprivileged children comes through RTE),comment on education system,ground reality of Right to education,internal politics in school,ego clashes among teachers,parents role to empower their specially-abled children etc.but on the top of everything, HITCHKI makes a point by telling us that the role of a teacher in nurturing and shaping the young and innocent mind is the most important thing in building a beautiful nation..
    In terms of acting,it was a balanced casting with brilliant actors such as Sachin and Supriya Pilgaonkar,Neeraj kabi among others but it was Rani who was the soul of the movie.She came back after a 4 year hiatus and it was indeed a bang on..the way she makes those sounds and physically interpret it with her fist and expression is beyond good…
    Yes, HITCHKI also comes up with many HICCUPS(like predictable storyline and deviation from that Tourette syndrome itself in the second half etc.) but as an audience you can easily ignore them by having a chilled glass of water/whatever down ur throat while watching in the theatre.That would surely be enough to get u hooked to this emotionally well crafted cinema..
    A nice watch👍🏻
    (Jaaa jaaaaa..jaaaaaaaaaaa..jaaaaaaaaa (omg am I having one? Naa naa naa naa)

    October 05, 19
  • Yes, it has its own flaws .it often succumbs to its own grandeur, its own scale and its own hype..bahubali 2 may not appeal to those niche class who wants to see the real cinema,BT it is so glorious ad mesmerising that u never cares for these hiccups..it is the celebration of an Indian cinema and a culture which took off its flight way back in 2015 with bahubali and now widening its wings and flying high firmly with bahubali 2 in this unexplored and unchartered territory.. Bahubali 2 (420 screens) is running strongly on second spot in the US box office behind only to fast and furious (4200 screens) which itself signifies its opulance and carving a path for Indian cinema on global scale..it is a visual extravaganza not only economically BT also emotionally..even if we do not take its technical aspects ,it still manages to offer a lot…it portrays the range of emotions aesthetically.. It is a rare indian project which welcomes both the technological as well as conventional filmmaking..it covers equally the patriarchal as well as the matriarchal side..it also showcases the human fallacies despite showing them as a larger than life characters..In all, it can be a one tym must watch..go and cherish the cinematic experience..
    P.S : here in gwalior,on weekdays even the shows as late as 11 in the night are running house full…only bahubali can hav this magic..

    October 05, 19
  • What if one day kuberick comes up with something like ‘Before trilogy’.??…
    we can safely bet that he can’t deliver what Richard linklater has..same is the case with Anurag Kashyap..The Indian neo noir director has come up with manmarziyaan, a romantic drama where he starts albeit with a bang but fizzles out gradually…

    Manmarziyaan is a love line between the talented Vicky Kaushal, charming tapsee pannu and the restrained Abhishek bachhan..tapsee is the centre of the gravity which keeps changing its position between the other two balancing points in accordance with her wits and complexities and that accelerates the whole story to a point when it starts getting dragged and comes to a halt..
    first half is brilliant and a scene just before interval fills u with the goosbump as Amit trivedi’s brilliant scores matches up with the brilliant vickey kaushal’s anguishness on the screen but the second half stretches too long and the last 15 minutes of the movie becomes unbearable and u left wondering when they gonna roll the titles..I understand they were trying to prove a point about the love but there was really no point to stretch that long…had they squeezed up those 15 odd minutes,the film would have been much nicer..it was almost like they started on commercial note and tried to finish in art style but the end result was ARTIFICIAL…

    Tapsee is a spot on as Chulbulee and मुँहफट लड़की…Abhishek and vickey Kaushal also plays their characters to the T but the real gem and the heart of the movie is the music of Amit Trivedi..his music is the life of the characters..remove it and all the characters dies automatically…Amit Trivedi must be on the pedestal this year…

    It seems Anurag kashyap was tired of the criticism and wanted to prove that he can handle the love actually without any gore and swearing…somehow he succeeds in it but overall he still has a long way to go..so in all, if you love romance,want to experiment new Anurag kashyap, surely u can watch this especially फ़र्स्ट हाफ़ and if u have patience too, go for the second half too..afterall it’s ur मन की मर्ज़ी…

    October 05, 19
  • #Ittefaq : In general,when ‘vikram’ meets ‘maya’, one can think of blossoming of love,culmination of souls,some cuddling and a happy ending.. but here,when vikram( a writer played by the former ‘gentleman’Siddhartha malhotra) meets maya ( former noor played by sonakshi sinha), it all goes upside down…an outrage,blood bath,lies,plotting,betrayal and suprisingly a shocking denouement….
    ITTEFAQ is a who dun it suspense thriller…two murders…two plotters, two versions…one link ….and one vyomkesh bakshi( played brilliantly by Akshay Khanna) and 3 days to find the offender…pre interval, it takes time to introduce characters and some of the sequences are stretched long..unnecessary pauses halts the films growth..post interval, it speeds up unlike our courts and tries to nab the culprit..script is solid and throughout its run,it cues u to make u feel that u have almost found the sinner and for very next moment it pushes u back into the oblivion..what I liked the most is ,it runs on the backdrop of Mumbai’s RAIN which gives the whole script an upward push,an atmosphere of immersive experience and I must mention that it is the LAST 15 MINUTES OF the MOVIE WHICH MAKES THIS OTHERWISE AN OK FLICK TO A DECENT WATCH..Go and find the sinner…may be it would make u a little lesser…
    P.S: this movie is all by coincidence in its glory..that’s why ITTEFAQ…

    October 05, 19
  • Why #harrymetsejal :::: I wish harry wouldn’t have met sejal…the film wouldn’t have been made….. I won’t have made myself uncomfortable in that strong ac…life would have been much nicer…..
    This Imtiaz Ali’s supposed to be a romantic drama involving a Gujarati girl circumstantially meeting a punjabi tour guide,doing some..no no..lots of Ameturish harkate of which not a single one did evoke any laughter at all is a nothing but an almost disaster…..SRK fails miserably in his underwritten or overwritten character ending up most of the times on the wrong side…he just can’t pull off the comic scenes..Anushka looks fab on the screen,catches up the gujju accent well bt couldn’t do anything much coz of restrained character…The only thing that stays with the audience is the scenic beauty of Europe well captured through lenses….it soothes your mind a bit bt only till the end credits starts rolling and then u start asking again…why ..why …why…harry met Sejal?????!!!!!!

    October 05, 19
  • With abating breath,gulping down saliva and holding ecstacy,u wait for the saver or messiah of Gotham city,’the batman’ and here he comes in pocket size and with amazing sense of humour…
    The latest animated movie ‘the ligo’ has again the loving batman fighting against the evils..wait,we don’t have only joker here as antagonists but a range of villains from Hollywood…with a decent on technical front, the movie scores highly on dialogues and voiceovers..basically it was an animated spoof on batman almost similar to what deadpool was to spiderman and dialogues were rib tickling and makes u rofl if u know the references..overall If u know the background courtesy previous batman ventures,u end up liking this. otherwise give it a skip..

    P.S: why can’t we have animated movies churning out?? This genre has a lot of scope and it entertains the range of human emotions, a good make can easily be loved as much as the real motion pictures…we r getting better at technical fronts each year and giving strong competition to western cinema..even big studios like Fox and universal among others lending their financial olive greens. our filmmakers should catapult this opportunity to the best to not only entertain us but also to make us big globaly.

    October 05, 19
  • #JollyLLB2 is absolutely much more #Kaabil and should bcum #Raees(purely on monetary basis only) in its lyftym….

    “Injustice any where is a threat to justice everywhere”..
    this quote shown in the rolling title,if applies in cinema,aptly sums up the idea that injustice done to the story,script and direction will be the threat to the cinematic standards but here jolly LLB 2 follows the otherwise and does justice to the idea of being a social entertainer…it quietly and subtly hammers down the both kaabil and Raees in terms of script and direction …since it shares the same idea with its predecessor (jolly llb),its comparison with the original is bound to happen and in its entirety,it certainly scores over the former..it surely has the solid plot and ensemble cast with powerful performances..akshay plays down the protagonist with ease but the real hero was our own judge sahab (saurabh shukla)..he had some great punch lines and again delivered it with aplomb.what I missed from the original one was the courtroom proceedings and arshad warsi’s charms,But in this sequal,comic relief in writing with satirical sense of humour and absolutely delightful saurabh shukla’s acting makes it up..so,barring few glitches here and there,Jagdish mishra strikes the absolute chord with ur hearts ..so, please go,take part in this judicial detour and enjoy its proceedings..till then this post is adjourned..:)

    October 05, 19
  • It’s been a year in the movie from where last fukrey leaves the premises and this sequel takes off…..chucha and his company has again found a firm ground to roll their dices of #chuchiagiri …pandit ji (brilliant Pankaj Tripathi) is still raking moolahs with his trickeries and bholi (the akhaad and bold Richa chadda) is behind the bars…
    This tym again the story revolves around the chucha &gang being under the terror of bholi and how they executes their plan to come out of the web….only differences being they have one more antagonist to fight with and chucha with his premonition ability (last tym he had the dream))………
    With the strong back up riding on its shoulder and they being basking in the glory of last outing, this FUKREY RETURNS struggles hard to match up to its predecessor.. what FUKREY had in the original was the fresh idea (wicked and illogical though),strong script and dialogues whereas this one slackens and plot completely becomes a drag after a point.. characters wanders in the wonderland only to be dumped in the mud…in the original, we had the Honney(pulkit Samrat) and his love affair..Zafar(Ali Fazal) ,Lali (Manjot singh) and their love triangle with all sweet and sour moments which made us root for them but this time this department shows up with sore thumb… having said all this,yes It has some moments but in bit and pieces and can be shrugged off …….the only thing for which this movie can be seen is the ‘chucha ‘(character played to the T by the effervescent VARUN SHARMA)..he has again beautifully portrayed the innocence of his character..he is the only knight in the shining armour in this otherwise gloomy tale of fukrey’s voyage……
    FUKREY RETURNS is strictly an average venture….it is a no brainer light entertainment ..logic lovers may give it a skip….it is for those who have an appetite for such genres and are FUKRAASSSSS in their spirit…..

    October 05, 19
  • it was 2012.. one guy named ‘Danish Khan ‘ lost his heart to Shama Parveen, sister of sultan qureshi and married her against the wishes of sultan…that Danish Khan ( brilliant Vineet Kumar singh) from Gang of Wasseypur has now transformed into a Hugged and muscular ,the boxer ‘Shravan singh’ and is all set to win his love ‘sunaina’(sultry joya Hussain who is playing a girl with no lyrinx)from the fist of Bhagwan Das mishra( baahubali and amazing jimmy Shergill)… MUKKABAZ is a primarily a love story interwoven with the issues like sports system,corruption,casteism etc….
    Vineet Kumar singh ,the protagonist who wants to be a boxer has played his character to the T.. he is a treat to watch..the way he hooks,punches,jabs are straight from the ring and looks so technical that he can easily make boxers run for their money..he portrays the suffering of a budding player who wants to make his name overcoming the financial and emotional turmoil he faces every other moment beautifully..there is one scene of his having conversation with his dad and I must say he completely owns that scene..the pain and agony he shows is amazing..
    His love interest portrayed so raw by new comer Zoya Hussain also gives audience the romantic goosebumps..she can’t speak yet delivers the romance through her eyes..I liked the way how the director made her character who kept chewing the bubble gum even when she was in vivah mandap..I think this was made to show that the character despite having physical disabilities have the self confidence and can not just be taken down by patriarchal mindsets for their (dis)advantages…The roles of Ravi kishan and jimmy sheragil were not written that perfectly but they also excelled in their parts…
    Mukkabaaz also touches the casteism plot and sarcastically captures it through the dialogues..background music and rather songs are good especially ‘mushkil hai mail priye’ and it subtely consummates with the scenes whenever it plays…since it is based in uttarpradesh,the rustic aura can be seen.the location looks so authentic and beautiful…
    With all said, I must also mention here the negative point…it is about the length and the climax.. movie is stretched a bit..had it been edited more ,it would have been great..also,it has the climax which certainly does not satiate you at the end..although it completes the narration from the ‘Shravan the lover’s point of view but does not do justice at all with the ‘Shravan the boxer’..I won’t say this is anurag’s best till date but In a nutshell, this movie is still an entertainer with no gaalis and abuses(hard to believe as it is Anurag Kashyap’s movie) and with the towering performances from all the actors this flick certainly packs a powerful punch..

    October 05, 19
  • Its April here..again a transition time.from shivering to sweat,from fan to AC,from sip of coffee to gulp of Pepsi and…and from Baaghi to soojit Sircar’s October…
    Well,the title ‘October’ also has a deep meaning in itself..It is the month of transitioning into the fall (autumn in northern hemisphere) in one part of this world while it is the month of blossoming in other (spring in southern )..It also means eight which is symbolically represented with vertical infinity signifies that every point is the begining and the end in itself i.e life has to come a full circle..October also is the 10th month of the calendar and 10 signifies the two inevitable part of our existence that is life and death( 1 and 0 being on and off in binary system respectively).so we can see a pattern here indicating the two aspects i.e life and death..With all this symbolism in its entirety,soojit sircar and juhi chaturvedi(my favourite,writer of Vicky donor and piku) presents this lovely soothing drama with beautiful pallets of range of emotions which are powerful enough to strike ur emotional chord…
    October is basically a story of a hotel intern shuili(bani sandhu) who in an unfortunate accident goes into the coma and how dan,her one of the colleagues(brilliant Varun Dhawan) tries to resurrect her with his emotional support..
    October is beautifully captured through lenses..it seems Soojit Sircar has a connection with Delhi and its winter..be it vicki donor,piku or October,you can always find delhi with its winter as an important character in his movie..even in october, u can forget April and enjoy the chill…
    Editing and dialogues are also crisp..transition from one scene to another in quick pace does not bore u at all which otherwise could have happened with this kind of story..
    October does not only hinges on the love point of view but also brings up the issue of Euthnasia(mercy killing)..it asks the important question that should anybody be given the authority to plug out the life of other in order to relieve them from pain and suffering??
    In all,October is an ensemble of consistent writing,apt direction,hard hitting message and beautiful performances..
    This april,October deserves u..must pay a visit…

    October 05, 19
  • Warning::::This review of shadi me jarur aana has full of spoilers ahead😜😜😜😜😜😜::::::
    Sattu(raj kumar Rao) is a govt clerk…aarti(Kriti kharbanda) is a pcs aspirant..meets each other in an arranged marriage setup…likes each other..dahej gets fixed…all set for the d-day..happy go lucky…just on the marriage night,bride gets the news of her selection in pcs as well as her in-laws reservation against her working after marriage…wow…what a coincidence…all hell breaks loose…she decides to run away so that she could give herself the wings to fly…groom arrives..shattered in pieces..full of angst…decides to take revenge …and no prize for guessing how???…………
    He becomes IAS…uff…Aaj pata chala..IAS banne ke lie dil Ka tootna jaroori hai….bekar me log Mukherji Nagar me pade hue hain….pyar karlein,time bhi bachega Aur paisa bhi (pun seriously not intended)…ohk get back to their revenge saga..In the meantime she gets accused in some corruption cases..and as the fate has it..he becomes the investigating officer and then starts Rona dhona,sweet melodrama and as again the fate has it…aakhir me sattu Aur Aarti ki shadi ho jati hai…wow…

    This flick starts on a good note involving dowary and women empowerment but over the course these gets undermined and commercialism takes over the offbeat drama…in first half it gets go nice but post interval it is bevajaha stretched and the essence gets lost in writing…in acting department,each and every actor performs well but raj kumar Rao is outstanding…his transformation from a seedha saada clerk to stern and revengeful IAS is awsom…..having all said,it is still watchable for stellar cast,brilliant acting and feel happy mode..if u are not busy, u can have ur hands on this shadi…

    October 05, 19
  • ’I hope my death makes more sense/cents than my life’’-this line beautifully depicts the distrubing tale associated with the state of mind of the central character in the movie ‘Joker’.

    What pops up in our mind as we hear the word ‘Joker’? Certainly a face adorned with palette of colors, an infectious smile in sync with expressive eyes and above all, the effort to make everyone happy. But, what if that sparkling face has a gloomy tale of desolation deep inside it. Joker, a Batman adversary in the DC universe is exactly the exposition of that pensive sadness. This state of pensive sadness spread by gripping and unsettling narration is all over the place in this origin story of a comedian turning to JOKER to only end up being a criminal in the fictional Gotham city.

    Joker, on the screen has come a long way. He has been the clown, gangster, anarchist and the psychopath.Heath ledger’s anarchist comes close to being a perfect portrayal of this dillusional and powerful character. He certainly left an indelible mark in portraying this iconic character. But to take it to another level, Joaquin Phoenix in and as JOKER has played this flawed character to the T.
    Arthur fleck (played by brilliant Joaquín Phenoix) is a clown cum struggling stand up comedian lives with her ailing old age mother.He is on medication and fighting with depression.He is a broken soul and far from the world of happiness. He is also struggling with a neurological disease in which he often gets uncontrollably involuntary laughs which is referred to as pseudobobular effect. This often makes him in situations where he gets dehumanized (from his perspective) by other people in the society. In one of those instances,on that fateful day, his all emotions gets out in the form of killing and this Arthur becomes the Gotham’s joker. Joaquín pheonix as Arthur fleck and Joker is a treat to watch. He is so powerful that you could not keep your eyes off him even for a second.His eyes and facial expression says it all.sporting body with all ribs at display shows the hard work he did to get into the skin of the character.Joker also features Robert de Niro as TV host but he is all eclipsed by the pheonix’s pheonix.

    ‘Joker’is set in the 80s and the Gotham city is shown going through some financial crisis and we see the city is littered with dirt everywhere because sanitation workers are on strike. The cinematography is brilliant and even being an Indian movie viewer, i was convinced that it is indeed 80s. Background score is also to the point and gives us an immersive experience of what the character is going through at the moment. Well, after all these strong points, there comes the only achille’s heal for me, the absence of a strong antagonist. A story turns into a life when two different shades of characters gets pitted against each other as we could see in all batman movies, but here the Joker being the antagonist and protagonist at the same time though symbolically did justice to the narration but fell short of some so called entertainment quotient.

    In all, this JOKER will be remembered for Pheonix’s frightening act as well as for the gloomy and disturbing portrayal of this powerful character.
    As this joker asks, is it just me or is it getting crazier out there? To which i seem to have only this reply to him..Yes, This is Crazy and we are going nuts..

    October 04, 19
  • oh..missing that Mumbai’s central line,..anyway lets back to some re– view..
    when ”shri raam”(the director) himself was anchoring this feisty roller, it had to level the potholes of our bollywoodished cliched cinema..and certainly it did..kudos to ensemble cast…i still think varun was mis cast in pre interval ”raghu” bt post interval he got into the skin and marvelled in those scary swagger in particular…yammy,huma,divya everybdy was awesome…undoubtedly show stealer was nawaj who brilliantly played his character to the T. movie often gets slow at times only to quickly recover d lost adrenalin the next moment..story was predictable sans some palatable twists bt the treatment it got was new to our sachharine ,over the top cinema, be it dialogues or intimate scenes or skin show etc.
    The tag line says dont miss the beginning bt i would say dnt miss the feel of climax..it has the ultimate essence..we all somewhere may relate to that…dont forget to feel this unflinching journey

    September 25, 15
  • Dum laga ke haisha: Teen cheeje mujhe khush kare bina nhi rehti,one gud story, two gud acting,three gud screenplay…so here is dis 90’s nostalgic drama which has all dese ingrediants to flavoured ur entertainment dish…for me,bringing back that era was a +point to the movie..all those tape recorders,cassettes,songs makes u feel great…yes there were flaws and may b for many of us,this would be quite boring bt still it deserves ur pocket atleast one tym…all in all a cute love story…

    September 25, 15
  • Byomkesh Da bhaalo bhaalo! :: Hw can we forget our ‘bengali homes’ played by so subtle rajit kapoor on doordarshan tele series…it still gives us d goosebumps..so this one by dibakar da also takes u down the smokey lanes of 40s kolkata engulfed in the shades of japanese invaders,chinese smugglers,opium traders and ofcourse freedom seekers..minute detailing of kolkata is the best thing abt the movie…the cinematography stands out..background music goes well with the narration..every characters seems to b sunken into that era.at times it gets languorous bt i think such kind of movies needs patience to make us flow wd the narration..u may not like this flick,may be it does not entertains u at that level which this genre could hav done bt it certainly mesmerises ur heart with its placid nd relaxed atmosphere nd u feel redemptive nd craves for more.

    September 25, 15
  • Its a sweltering heat here bt when a girl with kohl eyed,elegant walk,infectious smile,confident,wearing long kurtis and jeans,having bindi adorning her forehead comes across and mesmerises u and u start feeling chill down your spine[in a likeable way], she is PIKU….its a coming of age sweet family drama which really de-constipates the old bollywoodish cliched style…a refreshing, non preachy film adorns with occasional rib tickling laugh…its a family ”highway”…dialogues full of motions irresistibly takes care of emotions…star cast stands out..i couldn’t keep my eyes off deepika’s nainas…even if she was crying,her tears rolling down her cheeks looked so beautiful that it captivated my heart…u can’t say anythng abt irrfan and amitabh bachhan..they were as usual best..bt i wished, had amitabh’s character been played by some bengali vetran actor unknown to hindi cinema,it would have impacted more…

    September 25, 15
  • Banno tera swagger laaga sexy: Here it is, the another north indian dish from the anand L rai’s [director] dhaba…it rarely happens when a sequel justifies its literal meaning…tanu and manu,the either ends of a human nature’s spectrum have come back with a bang on your hearts. let’s explore some hot’s and not’s of the flick….
    Awsom dialogues and tight screenplay steals the top spot,songs adds nostalgia to the story.each and every character plays their parts beautifully and effortlessly..madhavan underplayed his part with utmost honesty nd let the ‘queen’ dominated the scene…dobariyal aka pappi bhaisahab had the most cheesy and craziest lines and he sucessfully executed those into the LOL moments..ayub was a new entrant in this saga and he managed well to get noticed, swara bhaskar,rajesh sharma ,jimmi all were good bt again the show stealer was kangna…be it the eponymous and moody tanu or sedative,naive and strong kusum, kagna is terrific and gets into the skin of both characters and makes u feel weak around your knees…even her swagger alone worths your pocket..having said that,yes story department got little weired at times like the very first scene when manu landed in mental asylum or he fell in love with kusum just coz she is tanu’s look alike etc..bt the bottomline is that u never cares if u happens to chews kankad in a daal otherwise so spicy and tasty..watch..it deserves ur wallet…

    September 25, 15
  • Banno tera swagger laaga sexy: Here it is, the another north indian dish from the anand L rai’s [director] dhaba…it rarely happens when a sequel justifies its literal meaning…tanu and manu,the either ends of a human nature’s spectrum have come back with a bang on your hearts. let’s explore some hot’s and not’s of the flick….
    awsom dialogues and tight screenplay steals the top spot,songs adds nostalgia to the story.each and every character plays their parts beautifully and effortlessly..madhavan underplayed his part with utmost honesty nd let the ‘queen’ dominated the scene…dobariyal aka pappi bhaisahab had the most cheesy and craziest lines and he sucessfully executed those into the LOL moments..ayub was a new entrant in this saga and he managed well to get noticed, swara bhaskar,rajesh sharma ,jimmi all were good bt again the show stealer was kangna…be it the eponymous and moody tanu or sedative,naive and strong kusum, kagna is terrific and gets into the skin of both characters and makes u feel weak around your knees…even her swagger alone worths your pocket..having said that,yes story department got little weired at times like the very first scene when manu landed in mental asylum or he fell in love with kusum just coz she is tanu’s look alike etc..bt the bottomline is that u never cares if u happens to chews kankad in a daal otherwise so spicy and tasty..watch..it deserves ur wallet…

    September 25, 15