• The terrible acting leaves you more amused than scared.

  • Reza Noorani
    Reza Noorani
    Times Of India


    While Bhatt has managed to piece together the disjointed ends of his extremely laborious story, and there is a climax that one did not expect, it already too late. With the number of songs in the film, which all sound the same, ‘1921’ is more of a horror-musical. Even if you are weak-hearted, this one will not scare you for too long.

  • If you plan to watch this movie keeping in mind 1920, a disclaimer for you this is nowhere near to Vikram Bhatt’s first and best film of this franchise. You are in for a roller coaster ride with this film, 1921.Where on one end you might find yourself gasping for breath on the other end you might not stop yourself from giggling at times.

  • A fellow audience member described it best: It’s like an onion—you cry as you peel it and you can keep peeling it and keep crying, but you can also stop at any time.

  • FullyHyd Team
    FullyHyd Team
    Fully Hyderabad


    Simply put, watch this one if you absolutely must. No FOMO here, though.

  • If you were aware of 1921, my sympathies. If you weren’t, the ignorance is indeed bliss.