• The film is not without its weaknesses – some characters, like that of the scheming Shakuni mama, are too caricaturish and could have done with a more subtle touch, while the Pandavas’ exile portion feels overly stretched and dull. For the most part, the movie works when it concentrates on its protagonist and his evil cousin Duryodhan.

  • Arjun: The Warrior Prince, it isn’t the first film to be made about the Mahabharata. It won’t be the last, either. It also isn’t India’s first animated film, but it is certainly one of Bollywood’s better (maybe even best) animated ventures.It would’ve been easy to let this plot go stale, for the simple reason that it has been explored so much, but hats off to the director for bringing something new to the platter.Being an animated film, Arjun is sure to find a connect with kids. It is also a great outing for someone who wishes to walk down nostalgia lane with their favourite tales of the good old days.

  • Madhureeta Mukherjee
    Madhureeta Mukherjee
    Times Of India


    If you’ve watched animated films like ‘Bal Krishna’, ‘Ghatothkach’, ‘Hanuman Returns’, this one’s a far ‘sketch’, on a different canvas altogether. Directed (by Arnab Chaudhari) using 2G animation, the look is classic and superior by usual standards in Indian animation. Even though it’s laced with dialogues that are heavy-weight (like adharm, kartavya, kuruvansh ka sarvanash), the narration of the multi-layered complex saga, laden with countless characters, is easy to comprehend. This journey of a superhero is more for adults than kids on their summer holiday.Of all the amateurish animation films we’ve seen, this one’s a ‘God-sent’.

  • The story will have an instant connect with the older audience. Chaudhuri cleverly uses action sequences to keep one gripped. He takes a mythological story and presents it as an all out action flick, which is educational and enjoyable for kids and adults alike. Yudhveer Bakoliya lends his voice to Arjun, while Vijay Kashyap’s Shakuni Mama is less scheming and adds comic relief.Let your kids absorb the story, while you can marvel at this step forward for the Indian animation film industry. It’s a great way to have fun while you learn.

  • For the sake of quality animation, for the sake of an hour well-spent and for the sake of a true Indian hero, Arjun: The Warrior Prince is truly a must-watch.

  • Taran Adarsh
    Taran Adarsh
    Bollywood Hungama


    On the whole, ARJUN THE WARRIOR PRINCE needs to be watched for its animation, for its storytelling and most importantly, it makes an earnest effort to relive the mythology.

  • This film has been in the making since 2008 by UTV Toons. Somewhere down the line Walt Disney joined in to make it one of India’s epic animated films thus far.

    If your Sunday mornings were spent in front of the television set two decades ago, this one is definitely for you.