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Bheja Fry

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Ranjeet Thadani lives a wealthy lifestyle in Mumbai along with his wife, Sheetal, who is a singer, while he manages Soundtrack Industries. At the request of his friend, Jagdish Verma, he decides to invite a singer and Libran, Bharat Bhushan, to his residence for dinner, as well as listen to him sing. Ranjeet, suffering from back pain, does not realize that Bharat is also an Income-Tax Inspector, and upon arrival at Ranjeet's residence, will virtually and hilariously turn his life upside down.Wikipedia

Bheja Fry Reviews

Rajeev Masand
Masand's Verdict


While it’s true this film is somewhat entertaining and much of the humour is derived from its rock-solid script, let me be the party-pooper here by revealing that Bheja Fry is a scene-by-scene, dialogue-by-dialogue remake of the superhit French farce The Dinner Game. You see, Bheja Fry isn’t ‘inspired’ or ‘borrowed’ or ‘influenced’ from the original film, it’s an out-and-out remake. One can only hope that remake rights were bought from the makers of the French film, although I didn’t see any acknowledgement of the same in the film’s credits, and in fact I saw this film’s screenplay credited to two persons, which if you ask me is shocking, considering the only real work on the script would be in the form of translation.

Raja Sen


It's always tragic when young directors start off their careers with scripts originating out of foreign DVDs. It's not a smart move, inviting comparison and critical condescension, while just trying to make a movie they assume few have seen.Still, go. Despite everything, see this film. Watch it for Vinay.


Vinay Pathak carries off this film on his stocky shoulders with aplomb. The actor, who made his mark, first as a veejay and then in the Great Indian Comedy Show, has come of age. If his role in SAY SALAAM INDIA was small, here, he hogs the limelight as well as screen space. It must have been a brave decision for director Shyam Bellary to put the spotlight on Vinay, who as Bharat Bhushan brings the house down.

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