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Rajawadi Remand Home is in lot of controversy because of many illegal activities. DK, a news channel bureau chief wants to bring the facts out but the system is not so easy to expose.Wikipedia

Black Home Reviews

Renuka Vyavahare
Times Of India


Speaking of execution, the story refuses to proceed. After a while, you want to tell the makers 'Yes, we get it. The girls are not safe in the remand homes, but what's the solution'? Jabbar Patel's Marathi film Umbartha, starring Smita Patil, though told from a different perspective, touched upon this issue in a way that it was genuine.

Johnson Thomas
The Free Press Journal


The only thing that holds you spell-bound here is Chitrashi(Chak De) Rawat’s spunky, feisty and gritty performance as the defeatist who tries to rise to the occasion in order to save those around her who need help. But for that unalloyed performance , this film would have been just another exploitative attempt at exposing the depravity prevalent in society.

Rahul Desai
Mumbai Mirror


Hindi cinema, unlike its documentaries, has a long way to go before becoming effective agents of awareness and change. Till then, my loyalties lie with sensationalist news tickers and good newspapers.

Siddhi Palande


...the film may not be big budget with glitzy sets yet it deals with burly issue with sensitivity. It is an eye-opener. If only our viewers could watch it once…

Audience Reviews for Black Home

  • Bindu Cherungath
    Bindu Cherungath
    126 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    Black Home, a Hindi Social Drama film directed by Ashish Deo. It talks about one of the most disturbing issues i.e. dark remand home and the sex / flesh trade. The film is supposed to be based on research and inspired by true incidents.

    Rajawadi Remand Home is in news due to a few girls running away from the same. DK (Ashutosh Rana), takes up this project as Channel Bureau Chief in his Electronic Media news company. He selects journalist Anjali, a mediocre performer to expose the racket and the dark side of the same.

    This Remand Home is almost lethal for the girls, who have to go through hell. Some are brought there since they have committed some crime, and some others are perhaps kidnapped and brought. The life is really very tough. Girls don’t get proper food, clothing and also are physically assaulted, raped.

    Black Home is the story of how it tries to expose the system itself, ministers, authorities whoever is involved. Dialogues include the references of various issues viz. India stands 3rd in the world for rape; every 20 minutes a girl is raped in India; 5 Lakh children are forced into sex trade every year; out of 12 million girls born in India, 1 million girls do not see their first birthday etc.

    The issue handled in the movie is very sensitive and it also projects the dark face of our society. Definitely the movie could have been handled in a much better manner. The gravity of the topic was lessened by the frames of Anjali’s Mehandi, Sangeet, Marriage preparations. An item number was also there which was a high deterrent in the movie.
    As far as the cast is concerned, three stand out – Ashutosh Rana, Achint Kaur (as Remand Home warden) and Chitrashi Rawat (a Remand Home inhabitant, Chak De fame). Akshay Hariharan (Singer Hariharan;s son) turns composer and singer for this movie.

    Black Home talks about the other side of the society where things are too dark. Though, it needed a better treatment, it needs applause for highlighting such social issues.

    March 20, 15