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The memories & skills of a deceased CIA agent are implanted into an unpredictable and dangerous convict.Wikipedia

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Sure, there is a fair bit of violence. And yes, it might seem needlessly gratuitous at times but you can let that slip as you've probably not seen Costner in this challenging a role (for him at least) in quite a while. The London location also makes for a beautiful backdrop for the film. Definitely different, and interesting.

Bryan Durham
DNA India


It should be a criminal offence to be asked to watch this film. You're better off watching Face/Off instead.

The science of it is undoubtedly silly, plot holes and inconsistencies are too many so it's mainly up to the strong cast and their individual charismas to work out some likeability. Unfortunately it's not enough to keep you rooted in your seats through the near two-hour flakily eventful runtime.


Criminal takes you back to the 90s – pre-Bourne times – when thrillers just had to have a Russian-sounding bad guy, a good but overbearing nation under threat and an unlikely hero out to redeem himself. And if that’s all you go looking for, you won’t come out disappointed.


It's good old-fashioned entertainment if you like slipping in the occasional B-movies to wet your movie-watching appetite. But it isn't necessarily a 'must watch it in a theatre' watch either.

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