• On the whole, Gaalipatam is quite a brave film in today’s day and age. It puts out its message loud and clear, in a pretty bolder way. Aadi’s mature performance, and an unconventional climax makes this film definitely worth a watch.

  • The film as said in the foregoing is just meant for youth; it may not fit the regimen of a family entertainer. How far adults appreciate the values floated in the film is a billion dollar question! However, there is chance of film being a super hit as well.

  • First Half of the movie is decent with romance and comedy. Second Half is loaded with sentiment and the climax is bold. This is were the film could have been trimmed by at least 15 to 25 minutes to make the proceedings interesting. ‘Galipatam’ is a case of Bold Concept & Bad Execution.

  • Venkat
    Great Andhra


    Though the film may work out commercially, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Had the director put in more efforts on the second half, it would have worked better for the film.

  • Few decent performances, couple of songs and a few punchy – rhyming dialogues alone don’t make an interesting rom-com if the plot and direction is lackluster. First half of the film is routine but has some good entertaining episodes, it’s the second half where director tries something out of the box and fails to convey it properly. Positives of the film are Cinematography, Music, Basic Point and few dialogues. The film misses the point in the second half but nevertheless makes us smile for a while.