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High Jack

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Rakesh, an out of luck DJ, has just found out that the gig he was to perform in Goa, has been canceled. He is in urgent requirement of money to save his Dad's clinic and in that desperation, partly agrees to carry a packet on his return flight to Delhi. He doesn't realise what's in the packet and the consequences. A bunch of devastated employees of an airline that is shutting down, decide to hijack it's last flight in a bid to recover some dues and to punish their employer. It's the same flight as DJ Rakesh's. With them are flying a bunch of interesting and some weird passengers. Things take a funny turn when people on the flight accidentally get high on the dope including the high jackers. As the plane loses it's direction, the fliers behave out of their minds, the flight turns into one big party...high in the sky.Wikipedia

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Shalini Langer
Indian Express


As is the bane of many a Hindi film, High Jack repeats one joke too many, and in seeking an ending where its characters all look good in that much-told rich-vs-poor tale, does ultimate injustice to them.

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Times Of India


The film’s music by an ensemble set of musicians, including Nucleya, manages to hit the right notes though. ‘High Jack’ parades itself as a stoner comedy but after viewing it, you’d be left wondering if you need to be intoxicated to enjoy this cock-and-bull story. Even by the standards of stoner comedies, this one’s like a school skit.



t all kind flattens out into a noisy mess towards the end. A kind of what-if-Neerja-had-no-script rudderless romp into air turbulence. But nonetheless, it is fun while it lasts because some of the actors seem to have a blast. The others seem to have come along just for the fun. And we can't help getting their point of view completely. High Jack is a fun for a while. Before it loses its plot.

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  • Tejas Nair
    Tejas Nair
    258 reviews
    Top Reviewer

    It baffles me how director Akarsh Khurana can manage to release two films (the other being Karwaan) in a matter of three months and still hope to earn what he spent on them while trying to entertain people who end up watching an aspiring DJ (Sumeet Vyas) become one of the hostages in a flight hijacking situation that is as silly as it can get. TN.

    October 24, 18