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I Hate Luv Storys

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'I hate luv storys' is the maxim Jay lives by. But as an assistant director to Veer, the most famous romantic filmmaker of Indian Film Industry, Jay has little option but to live with larger than life, glossy, cinematic love on an everyday basis. Things only get worse when he is made to work under the new production designer on the film… Simran, with whom he shares the strangest first encounter! Simran loves luv storys; So much so that even her life has begun to resemble one. With her ideal job and the perfect boyfriend, Raj, she lives a blissful, dreamy life; One that is rudely interrupted by Jay's cynicism. The turmoil's of Jay and Simran's life, is ironically interweaved with the Luv Story that they are working on…Wikipedia

I Hate Luv Storys Reviews

Shubhra Gupta
Indian Express


In sum, 'I Hate Luv Storys' is pleasant but flaccid fare.

Reviewer Profile
Hindustan Times


Script. Isn’t that the problem every time? A little more work on it would have elevated Punit Malhotra’s love story.

...it's Imran and Sonam's collective persona and their free-flowing chemistry that makes all the difference. Although the pair deserve better than an amateurishly written romance to scoop out their terrific potential as a combination. I Hate Luv Storys is, at best, a promising even if imperfect indication of things to come in the direction.

Times News Network
Times Of India


Thematically, I Hate Luv Storys, is extremely simplistic, uni-layered and terribly predictable.


I Hate Luv Storys is a good, entertaining fare for the city youth and the multiplex audience. Although it doesn’t have much for the smaller centres (where even the English title may prove to be a setback), it will emerge to be a plus fare on the strength of its business in the cities and its revenues from sources other than theatrical.

Reviewer Profile
India Today


I Hate Luv Storys relies entirely on Imran Khan's genetic code and it almost succeeds. Please understand, it's no small feat to make a romantic comedy. You have to marry a self-mocking tone with a sensibility that believes in pink hearts, cuddly toys and cute-as-a-button clothes.

Taran Adarsh
Bollywood Hungama


I HATE LUV STORYS is a young and vibrant love story with tremendous appeal for the yuppies. The fresh pairing and the on-screen electrifying chemistry, the lilting musical score and the magical moments in the film should attract its target audience - the youth - in hordes. If you're young or young at heart, this one's for you!


The most novel part of I HATE LUV STORYS is its interesting title and cast. But that's just about it.

For the cheeky comedy that often laughs at itself and largely for Imran Khan, this is a likely weekend treat, served sizzling hot.

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