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Jaanisaar is a love saga of a revolutionary courtesan of Avadh, India, and a prince brought up in England, set 20 years after the first war of Indian independence of 1857.Wikipedia

Jaanisaar Reviews

... in its present form, Jaanisaar is a test of endurance.A film that helped me discover that dark space between frustration and boredom, Jaanisaar would have been a more honest work of art if it were titled Jaanleva.

Renuka Vyavahare
Times Of India


If you are the kind, who is besotted with India's past and the beauty of Lucknowi culture, you won't mind watching this one, solely for the stunning costumes and classical music. Otherwise, it's a case of cinematic self-indulgence that doesn't deserve to be compared to Ali's masterpiece Umrao Jaan (1981). Poetic injustice!

Suhani Singh
India Today


There are far too many songs, all of which seem akin. It is not just that Jaanisaar doesn't draw viewers to the epic romance of Ameer and Noor, it also fails to evoke any animosity for the British who are shown here to destroy Awadh. That is ultimately the film's undoing - its inability to make viewers care about anything in the film.

You get the grandeur and the old-world charm that you expect from an Ali film, but unfortunately he seems to have lost touch with the finesse.


If you are a fan of period drama and Indian history, this movie will fascinate you. The music is soothing to the ears, and the choreography is excellent too. The film showcases culture, poetry and clothes of the pre-independence era. Also, the film is shot in the beautiful locales of Lucknow. Poetry lovers will love this film- it is a true poetic delight!

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