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    Hindustan Times
    Hindustan Times


    Jigarthanda is a satirical tale masquerading as a gangster film…

  • Gautaman Bhaskaran
    Gautaman Bhaskaran
    Hindustan Times


    Jigarthanda is a failed attempt at showing stylised brutality…

  • Anupama Subramanian
    Anupama Subramanian
    Deccan Chronicle


    Aided by his entire cast and technical department, breaking the myth that promising debut filmmakers may not fare in their next, Karthik Subbaraj clearly proves that he is here to stay! A film not to be missed!.

  • Jigarthanda is an engrossing gangster film with a series of bizarre twists and turns that keeps you guessing…

  • M Suganth
    M Suganth
    Times Of India


    If Pizza was a con movie dressed up as a haunted house horror thriller, Jigarthanda is basically a comedy cloaked as a gangster movie. In the first half, the director provides us the gangster thriller that the trailers promised us — a villain who is both awesome and frightening, his quirky underlings (one of them is a teetotaler and a god-fearing man whose weakness is porn and the scenes where Karthik and Oorani try to woo him by supplying him porn are a blast), brutal murders, and a tense interval block.

  • ‘Jigarthanda’ is a well-directed, brilliantly performed, raw and crowd pleasing con story.

  • BookMyShow Team
    BookMyShow Team


    The way the whole thing turns around in the climax is smart. You’ll really love the way the film ends. It is worth a watch. Simha should make hay, ’cause the sun is shining.

  • IndiaGlitz
    India Glitz


    With a run time of two hours and fifty minutes, the usual areas of concern would be undoubtedly the screenplay; something if has gone haywire can wreck the movie’s goodwill. However Karthik takes the journey quite entertaining jarring a few sequences makes the wholesome experience delicious.

  • Films like Jigarthanda, targeted at Twittery youth, fight a mighty fight to bridge that divide, striving to make commercially viable entertainment with truckloads of auteurist artistry. If nothing else, you have to respect the man on the unicycle.