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    Kanchana 3 is hinted at the end, and let’s hope it isn’t as bad as Kanchana 2, which is undoubtedly a weak film in the franchise.

  • …is an enjoyable horror comedy about six ghosts who are out to avenge their deaths. The plot may be out of date and the comedy absurd, but the antics of the familiar characters and their enthusiasm make you laugh despite yourself.

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    …the summer has begun with a riotously entertaining movie. On a note to return yet again, ‘Kanchana 2’, or the third in ‘Muni’ series, nails it!

  • …is for the masses who are looking for some entertainment this holiday season.

  • The acting isn’t the problem; the predictable story is. The thaali sentiment is revived for some reason. Kanchana-2 may get away with such ideas, but Kanchana-3, which is hinted at before the end credits, needs to do better if the franchise has to survive. It’d be a pity if it didn’t.

  • …is definitely an entertaining movie but could’ve easily been much better with a better second half. Perhaps Lawrence should let go of his flashback formula in ‘Muni 4’.

  • Though the CGI work in the film’s climax looks slightly unconvincing, Rajavel Olhiveeran has coped all the falls up with some glossy visuals and massy scenes in between, making the overall production value look cool.

  • This movie is just another ghost story built on its tested formulaic story with ample humour. While trying to simply reap the success of its predecessor without making an effort to better itself, it ends up serving the same old cold soup which the audience would rather gulp down and get over with it instead of relishing it – Kanchana 2 is not someone who you would want to meet again!