• Good actors can improve mediocre material; this film is evidence of that. Watch it to unwind after a long day at work.

  • It might be perfectly executed with an amazing star cast but it lacks a soul — and a story. The saddest part is that this could have been such a beautiful film. It’s not everyday that we see films for an audience above 30. The idea to include a wider age group into the cinematic experience might have been a noble one but the film essentially forgets to help the viewer connect with any of the characters — despite all of them having completely legitimate sob stories.

  • This is lazy writing for a Hollywood movie with four legendary actors and they deserve better than this, as do the audience.

    None of the jokes are funny as such and none of the sentimental moments are moving in any way. Theoretically it should be very easy to be able to relate with these characters and sympathise with them, but when the likes of De Niro, Douglas, Freeman and Kline fail to render any emotion within you it’s time to leave the hall and watch their earlier films on DVD.

  • Teena Elizabeth
    Teena Elizabeth


    Though the movie wants to deal with some serious issues like old age, loneliness, and the value of meaningful relationships, none of them have been offered enough space in the script, hence not letting the issues be connected and felt by the audiences.

    Don’t be surprised or disappointed if you don’t find an emotionally-engaging movie experience with Last Vegas. It is a lot of naughtiness but shown in the most-subtle form.