• Jyoti Sharma Bawa
    Jyoti Sharma Bawa
    Hindustan Times


    If you like destruction porn, London has Fallen is the film for you. The CGI may not be the best we have seen in recent times but it does the job. Much more than the London bridge will come falling down as the film progresses. Action junkies, if a popcorn cruncher with enough flag waving is what you are looking for, stop reading this review and book your tickets.

  • Sudarshan Ramani
    Sudarshan Ramani
    Deccan Chronicle


    If Olympus Has Fallen is Die Hard for the 21st century, this film is like the boring and pointless sequels that followed. It has also been outpaced by reality. Incidents such as the Norwegian attack and the recent Paris attacks have made such fantasies redundant and banal.

  • Expect every action film cliche to be thrown in. Also, you might wonder what the heck Gerard Butler is doing with his career. But that said, it is clear that he knows his niche. Clearly, this one’s for die hard Butler fans.

  • It’s all tried and tested (‘Die Hard’ series) stuff which any B grader would showcase with far more assured relish. Director Babak Najafi is unable to define clear-cut distinguishing points to raise the level of this undernourished offering. In fact this one is even worse than ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ if that’s anything to go by.

  • Criselle Lobo
    Criselle Lobo


    London Has Fallen is one of those mindless action films that shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Don’t look for logic here and simply enjoy ninety minutes of high octane action.

  • When a film titled London Has Fallen begins with the dusty fields of Pakistan, you know where it’s heading. It’s going to be yet another American geopolitical fantasy where Uncle Sam saves the world, as it bulldozes all nuances of the topic of terrorism along its way. But to be fair, keeping its problematic politics aside, the film begins to tell its story well.

  • David Tusing
    David Tusing
    Gulf News


    This sort of movie was made for television viewing. You could tune in or out at any moment and really not miss anything. Or just have a drink beforehand and bring your rowdiest friends to the theatre.

  • The action too is definitely weaker in this sequel too, which comes across as a bit of a vanity project for producer and lead actor Butler, with skimpy support coming from Morgan Freeman, Angela Basset and Eckhart. Though Butler and Eckhart share an easy chemistry, the plot is too contrived for the proceedings to be convincing. The spectacle of the White House exploding has the hint of awe to it, but the poor computer graphics in the sequel do not evoke any horror as Westminster Abbey and Chelsea Bridge are blown up.