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Tarzan and Jane Porter must face an army sent by the CEO of Greystoke Energies, the very man who took over the company after Tarzan's parents died in a plane crash.Wikipedia

Tarzan Reviews

Tarzan is one of those rare scripts that Hollywood should have faxed to Bollywood and let them do it their way because only Karan Johar could have saved this film with a decent love triangle and loads of family melodrama.


All in all, it's a slipshod rendering of a classic.

I prefer Disney's version over the new Tarzan which ends up being a hollow and boring adaptation of one of the most colorful and adventurous stories of our times.

Aubrey D'souza


The animation is alright. The details in the computer graphics are good. In 3D, you get to enjoy the depth of field, and the wonderful background. Other than that, it’s just another Hollywood remake gone awfully wrong.

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