• Technically, the quality of the visual effects is above average but oft seen and forgettable.

    Effectively, The Lazarus Effect is not worth your leisure time.

  • Apart from the film’s clear message – that if you play God, bad things will happen – Wilde definitely does look scary and indeed, she is the best thing about the movie.

  • Sachin Chatte
    Sachin Chatte
    The Navhind Times


    The horror element is clichéd and Zoe’s back story is the only that adds some spice to the otherwise routine proceedings. The actors do justice to their characters, particularly Olivia Wilde – they needed a better script to back their performance.

  • It all leads up to a predictable ending full of groan-worthy loud and noisy events, and by the time it’s over all you can do is head over to the nearest sushi restaurant to forget whatever you just saw.

  • Navin Noronha
    Navin Noronha


    The Lazarus Effect has a talented cast and an interesting plot. Unfortunately, it feels rushed and suffers from abrupt editing, with many of the plotlines never materializing. You are better off steering away from it. The movie’s tag line reads – Evil will rise. My question is – When?