• Overall, Warcraft has nothing new and exciting to offer in terms of cinematic quality. Even the visuals and effects, though remarkable in bits, aren’t enough to make you sit through. A lot of it also looks all too familiar to Harry Potter, The Lord Of The Rings and Game Of Thrones. Two moments of witty banter do get you to chuckle but it’s not worth the ticket price, for gaming enthusiasts or otherwise.

  • BookMyShow Team
    BookMyShow Team


    Most of the scene transitions are off. This ends up affecting the narration, which already had nothing to boast about with its mediocre plot. Just over two hours, the film doesn’t have any humour element. It is sad that the sublime efforts gone into post production were in vain due to its disappointing overall end result as a story.

  • Warcraft is clearly a 3D fantasy adventure designed to appeal to fans of the novels and computer game series. For those unfamiliar with the worlds and wars within, let’s just say Warcraft the movie is striving to be The Lord Of The Rings meets Game Of Thrones, but falls way short of its ambition.

  • I’m all for video games being turned into movies, but Warcraft lacks the depth and richness of literature.

  • Apart from fans of the popular video game World of Warcraft, the movie Warcraft is also of interest to two other sets of viewers: those who have been missing their regular dose of orcs, dwarves, wizards and kingdoms caught between sorcery and normalcy, and fans of Duncan Jones.

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    Overall, Warcraft does not match real-life expectations, but would definitely appeal to its fans.