• Skiptrace is weighed down by a lack of chemistry between its leads, but saved by Jackie Chan’s ever-reliable action work, and an enjoyable travelogue angle.

    Just skip it.

  • The movie is essentially about a crazy cat man who turns people he deems “bad” into cats to teach them a moral lesson of some sort. And if they don’t learn their lesson in time, well, their human bodies die and they’re stuck as cats forever. Dark.

  • At the end of the day is this a bad film? Yes. I’ll be fair and give credit where credit is due though.

    But if you love the brand that is Jason Statham, I doubt you’re going to pass up the opportunity. Nor should you.

  • It’s about kindness, bravery and family values – subjects most recent movies have missed. Overall, if you’re among those who still allows their imagination to wander, it’s a very pleasant way to spend a couple of hours.

  • This movie is garbage. Do yourself a favour and just go watch the original.

  • So sadly it’s not the masterpiece we expected, but it’s also not an utter disappointment. It manages to be ridiculously fun in some of its loud and crazy extravagance.

    Overall, I’ll still watch DC movies, but I do feel like they are missing something that the Marvel counterpart has got right. Maybe it’s heart, maybe Marvel just have more practice but I hope DC can redeem themselves soon.

  • Technically and logistically, Greengrass delivers everything you expect from him; there’s no one better when it comes to staging complex, chaotic action amid the real life of big cities.

    Whether or you’ll enjoy such spectacle-focused bravado depends on what you’re looking for in a 2016 Jason Bourne movie.

  • Despite the astounding visuals and magic on show, what really shines through in the movie is its playful love of language. Whether it’s Sophie eagerly devouring “Dahls Chickens’ Nicholas Nickleby”, or the ‘delumptious’ words conjured up by the BFG, language remains at the heart of the story, just as it does in the original book. (Crucially, Rylance was also comfortable with the tongue-twisting aspects of ‘gobblefunk’).

  • Ultimately, Lights Out is a perfectly acceptable waste of time for those looking for an orgy of jump scares that are professionally framed.

    And if the lights begin to flicker, just run.

  • The movie is quite upbeat for the nightmarish times we live in. Star Trek always helped us understand that the possibilities are always endless, and the sweet and sincere nature of the film almost makes you believe that it could be true.

    So here’s hoping the great adventure continues for another 50 years from here.

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