• The Ice Age franchise has run its course. Now it’s exhausted.

    Collision Course has a few entertaining moments, but it’s bland and unoriginal for the most part. Maybe it will be distracting enough for children under 10, but it’s incredibly tedious for anyone beyond that.

  • So even though none of this is wholly original, I laughed all the way through The Secret Life of Pets – even at jokes that were really dumb or obvious or broad, because they were so expertly written and delivered.

    This is a kid’s movie through and through – but for anyone who has loved some furry creature or the other, you’ll absolutely love this one.

  • It’s a well-intentioned take on the King of the Jungle. Bottom line: it’s more entertaining than most of the other summer blockbusters we’ve gotten so far.

  • Central Intelligence may be a buddy-comedy, but it’s Johnson’s movie all the way.

    And it’s been a while since I’ve clutched my stomach so hard or have my face hurt thanks to laughing so hard.

    So if you want some light-hearted fun while attempting to survive the summer heat, this is it.

  • Despite some minor faults – Finding Dory takes some extreme liberties with fish out of water and the script gets repetitive in the second half – the film is about finding hope even in the darkest of places. About learning to love and connect with people even when you previously thought you couldn’t.

  • There’s a lot crammed into 134 minutes and not everything works perfectly. But is it scary? Hell, yes it is!

    Hopefully, this will not be the last we see of the Warrens at work.

  • The movie has already incited a few complaints about its portrayal of quadriplegics and its glossing over of the touchy subject of state-assisted suicide.

    But it’s a sugar-coated romantic comedy with everything you’re looking for in a chick flick/chick lit and not a gritty documentary.

  • As gothic as Burton’s first take on Alice was, James Bobin’s film is far more gaudy and colourful…

  • Unlike Zootopia and Inside Out, this movie refuses to accept that people are more intelligent than this drivel. Perhaps the best way to sum up how The Angry Birds Movie feels for most of the run time is to call it an unmitigated disaster. And a complete waste of time.

    Thanks Rovio. I’m sure there’s already a sequel no one needs planned. Now pluck off.

  • Singer’s latest film is overloaded with action and computer-generated mayhem to conceal its own shortcomings: it has nothing new to say.

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