• Long story short, 144 is like the good-old Road Runner and Tom & Jerry kind of movie. You know it doesn’t make much sense, but that doesn’t stop you from having a good laugh.
    Verdict: All the ups and downs considered, 144 is still 133 minutes of all-smile time.

  • The film at the end of the day might make you wear a pleasant smile on your face, but one might wonder what is actually missing in it. It has some fun elements for which you might laugh your heart out, but is it thoroughly satisfactory? It might not, at least for some.
    Verdict: A decent flick that could crack you up!

  • Akhil has got its own share of positive moments but a little more tightening in the execution could have helped the matters more. Verdict: Interesting story which requires better execution…

  • If one has to complain, it must be about the slight slow pace of the movie. 
    On the whole, Thoongavanam, though looks to be a long night, is a happening one! 

  • The film may appeal more to senior citizens and middle aged people who are now hooked to TV soaps. Sooraj Barjatya may succeed in pulling these folks back to the cinema hall as PRDP follows the typical template that is shown in family soaps nowadays and is a throwback to Indian films of the 70s and 80s.

  • When there is a mass hero, action comes along like his shadow and Vedalam has its fair share of ‘thiruvizha’ action moments resulting from the revenge theme of the film. There are three hunky villains falling into the commercial cinema template completely.

  • Kanche is a well-made social-war film packed with some of the best dialogues you could get. However, its presentation could have been better.

  • Naanum Rowdy Dhaan is sure to entertain you and your family this festival season. This is a film that you can just relax, sit back and enjoy with a tub of butter popcorn!

  • Looking beyond few issues, Puli is a lavishly made mainstream fantasy entertainer with good visual effects which should be encouraged…

  • In all, Singh is Bliing is a much better outing, compared to Prabhu’s recent disasters like Action Jackson and Rajkumar, thanks to the lead pair. If you are someone who enjoys mindless comedy then you ought to enjoy it even more. Switch off your brains for some harmless fun.

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