• Aamir Khan hits it out of the park yet again with another emotional masterpiece!

  • Rajinikanth in a different dimension, but Kabali might not work for everyone. Theatres which are known to reverberate for Rajinikanth, seem a lot more silent for Kabali.

  • Absolutely no time taken in setting up the plot or leeway given to the audience to settle down – Beware, for this particular film, it is a mandate to watch it from the first for you to enjoy the complete essence of the story; please avoid walking into the cinema hall late!

  • Climax dialogues, especially long ones loaded with sentiment are a sure winner with audience. You will spot a similar closure in this drama. In case of Manithan, if that dialogue had been coupled with convincing judicial aspects, the output could have been even impacfful. Nevertheless, overall an enjoyable fare!

  • Arivazhagan’s Aarathu Sinam is definitely a progressive Tamil movie that deserves a watch for its sincere attempt at the less explored investigative crime thriller genre.

  • To sum up on a positive note, Sethupathi is still an enjoyable entertainer, with power packed performance from Vijay Sethupathi.
    Verdict: A rehashed tale with good mass moments and energetic performances…

  • For audiences who have not seen Hollywood zombie films, Miruthan would be a new experience. And kudos definitely to Shakthi Sounder Rajan for attempting something different from the usual themes that Tamil cinema is known to churn out film after film.
    Verdict: A new attempt in Tamil cinema that has its share of thrills…

  • Some may call Visaranai to be a violent film, while most of the others may say it is a brilliant piece of art that is so real and suspenseful. But if you’re a fan of crime thriller or film that depicts pain, do not miss it!
    Verdict: Visaranai, a must watch uniquely treated crime thriller that represents true cinema.

  • Do a favor to Tamil cinema, watch Pasanga 2, let other superstars try what Suriya has!

  • …a decent entertainer with its fair share of merits and a few drawbacks.

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