• We get to see some great visuals from the lens of Natarajan Subramanian and Dudley. It looks very colorful setting the mood of the film right. Mickey J Meyer’s songs are passable and could have been better. None of the songs actually leave an impact and it is mostly saved by the flashy visuals.
    Verdict: A decent sugarcoated family drama!

  • A premise on political drama could have easily hit the right chord if it had been handled with a lot more care. Pugazh falters on this note and ends up being a mediocre product.

  • Despite its flaws, this savvy thriller is worth watching once mainly for some exhilarating action sequences, Atharvaa’s top class performance and a few adrenaline pumping moments.

  • Sundar has managed to pack a punch with the narrative style of the movie and the climax tugs at your heart. Besides, he has also diversified from his style of movie making to take up a serious subject of friendship and betrayal. On the whole, but for a few glitches here and there, Nagaram is not bad a watch.

    Verdict: This city is gritty!

  • Overall, despite its lively storyline, Bangalore Naatkal is let down by the treatment and casual performances.
    Verdict: This remake might just not sweep you off your feet

  • Aranmanai 2 has nothing different to offer than its antecessor, except for Siddharth, Trisha and the magnitude.
    Verdict: Aranmanai again all over, with minor modifications, but no lesser in terms of entertainment

  • Toting it up, Gethu could have worked better, if the writing was stronger. The director’s lofty ambitions in narrating a thriller are palpable, but it falls short of want of more interesting elements.

  • Rajini Murugan is a safe bet to bank your money on if you want to watch a film with no expectation but just to spend your two and a half hours laughing.

  • A watchable, bold, vintage Selvaraghavan story about two contrasting individuals, you wish had more consistent screenplay

  • An interestingly convoluted tale woven with less engaging screenplay.

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