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Akhil – The Power Of Jua

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Akhil revolves around the story of Jua, which was made by the ancient saints of India as a sacred entity that saves the world from destruction. This was then given to the tribes of Africa for safeguarding. Wikipedia

Akhil - The Power Of Jua Reviews

Suresh Kavirayani
Deccan Chronicle


Prior to the release of Akhil, Nagarjuna had said often that he didn’t want to repeat the same mistakes as his elder son Naga Chaitanya’s debut film. Thus there were high expectations for Akhil, which, unfortunately did not live up to the standards. Akhil should wait for couple of years before doing this kind of a film. He should instead try his hand at a love story or something similar.


Akhil is disappointing but will manage to entertain younger audiences. Take your kids to this one if you choose to go – a family-friendly Telugu film is indeed a rarity these days.

Akhil showcases Akhil Akkineni's strengths well but the movie has weak output by Vinayak. For the fans of Akkineni family, the movie may seem okay. For others it doesn't work. Watch the movie for Akhil’s stunning dances only.

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Fully Hyderabad


Akhil reminds you of the non-stick tawas sold on television. All the incessant advertising and the beaming faces of people in them telling you just how awesome these tawas are. When you finally get one, your dosa invariably sticks to the damn pan. You end up wishing they spent money on making a better product rather on selling it.

You wish the makers tried as sincerely to weave in a solid plot. The love thread gives a glossy topping and lets the male protagonist take centrestage in this context.

...a total waste of time, energy, money and is excruciatingly drilling. You can go on and on about the films flaws but then can this feign be called a movie in the first place? Lets Film maker decide that first.

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Great Andhra


...is show reel movie of Akhil’s dancing skills. Other than that it offers only boredom, nothing else.

Saving the world is a concept that’s very ambitious in Telugu cinema. Going to Africa and saving the world is something that needs to be executed with a lot of deftness and should be made sure that audiences don’t lose connect with the goal of hero. VV Vinayak who is regarded as star director has taken an international backdrop to direct this movie. Though he has succeeded in launching Akhil as a star with huge potential, he should have taken care in treatment and logic. We need to wait and see how audiences embrace the film as VV Vinayak has strong connect with masses!

Akhil has got its own share of positive moments but a little more tightening in the execution could have helped the matters more. Verdict: Interesting story which requires better execution...

Audience Reviews for Akhil - The Power Of Jua

  • Sasi Chowdary
    Sasi Chowdary
    1 review

    The worst movie very poor performance by both but they covered it with good locations and music dance is also not more effective no variation for song to song this is not at all a good movie for introducing a hero i did not expect this from u people better luck in next movie should develop chemistry while doing dance with co partner better take tips from chaitu

    November 18, 15
  • Chandra Sekhar
    Chandra Sekhar
    1 review

    Akhil really different story.Dance & songs are very nice. Fights are also good

    Some minus points:
    During dialog delivery expressions are poor.

    Thank you & we are expecting very good movies in future..

    November 12, 15
  • Vaishu Naidu
    Vaishu Naidu
    1 review

    superb Action
    Energitic Dance
    Cool Looks
    Akhil Rockss
    Totally U just Carry the Movie
    Cute Heroin
    All the Best For Future Projects

    November 12, 15