• If you enjoy watching romantic films, Ek Villain is definitely your kinda film. Even if you don’t, then do watch for the star’s performances.

  • Watch it for Akshay and his amazing ability to make even the unreal stuff look real!

  • Overall, Heropanti is like any other massy entertainer. If you have no plans this weekend, then you can watch this one with your family. But don’t expect much and you’ll be pleased.

  • In a nutshell, The Xpose is nothing like the suspense films made in the ’60s. The dialogues of the film is the only saving grace which are available on YouTube too, so why waste money in theatres? Himesh has done a decent job, though there is still much scope of improvement. Overall don’t sulk if you miss the film. It’s not worth it.

  • As much as I liked the film, there were a few loop holes like the pace of the film. Also in some parts the plot jumps suddenly. Though this isn’t really a major problem, more precision would have certainly helped the film quite a lot. To sum it up, Hawaa Hawaai is one of the biggest examples of modern cinema and should have its rightful existence amongst a plethora of big budget films. Watch it for the thought invested in the project if not for anything else.

  • Ankhon Dekhi is a perfect mixture of an experimental art film and offbeat cinema, which gives you the feel of a Hrishikesh Mukherjee or a Woddy Allen film. The simplistic story and the even simple ideals of a common family have been portrayed to the best. The balance although shifts at times and makes you lose the entertainment quotient but maybe for a couple of minutes at the max. The story is meaningful and the presentation is entertaining. BollywoodLife suggests it to the cinemagoer who loves watching classy films and abhors watching the masala Hindi film.

  • It is impossible to not fall in love with Kangana’s performance as this is possibly her best performance till date. You would be glued to your seats till the last credits roll out, which by the way have been done in The Hangover style. You will get to see the parts you missed in the film by means of photographs and video snippets at the very end. In simple terms, Kangana’s acting prowess has proved that she is a ‘Queen forever’!

  • The costumes, the characters, the cleverness, the construction of each scene…everything about this one is a treat. Yes, the dialogue if often obscure, with the high proportion of Urdu that colours it, but more is said with the eyes than with the tongue, which makes the entire film a pleasure to watch.

  • Overall, Aurangzeb is a tightly written, well researched drama that demands more mature treatment and little more complexity. A slick new-age cop drama masquerading as a big commercial film, it is among the finer dramas made in Bollywood in recent times.

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